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At night, J ─ 12 stealth fighter-bomber fleet through the clouds Louis Vuitton Outlet identified the faint outline of the coast of Japan, the open-fighter forces on the ground to blow the little flame indicates the direction of the fleet. Leader Commander Jun suppressed excitement loud issue the command: “Target: Tokyo, ready to drop bombs!”

their goal of this trip is Tokyo Setagaya biological weapons lab three camping room, which was ostensibly outside is a “medical experiment group”; the other is located in Tokyo Nerima Asaka barracks of the Research Office of Biological Weapons .

then, anti-aircraft guns on the ground rang missile ─ ─ regardless of friend and foe in the full frequency electromagnetic interference, at best, just a string of shells ─ ─ tracer into the air, like a blossoming 迸 Meteors generally open to the sky, a few night fighter aircraft of Japan also scrambled to intercept, but was immediately J ─ 12 stealth fighter-bomber with infrared radar missiles to shoot down the trail, as anti-aircraft fire is only as fireworks in the night sky for people to watch, they can not reach the high-altitude flight The J ─ 12 stealth fighter-bombers. Cluster bomb it! Tons of metallic hydrogen bomb whistling coming from the two goals. The first is to start running laser-guided bombs, anti-aircraft fire at high altitude outside the scope of delivery of a high muzzle velocity, through a short wing with its own weight, the bombs in the air to draw up a long sonic arc. The cluster has already spread in all directions from the time the laser irradiation apparatus to open, far-infrared laser light is irradiated to the target, and then are reflected in the space to form a tapered region invisible. Bomb probe captured this round after round cone, by automatically adjusts wing began flying three vertices ─ ─ camping along the center line of the cone or room Asaka barracks. Bomb flying faster than sound, so people in the target area before the bomb landed, what are inaudible. Bomb itself is no power, does not emit any light. As if all of a sudden, the three camps housing and barracks so Asaka Louis Vuitton Outlet had reinforced buildings lit up, erupted between the moment it was torn from the inside out flames surrounded Shi Jun meters altitude they first saw the fireball rising, while accompanied by a white wall seems to be something quickly spread to the sides from the center of the explosion out, and then I heard the explosion. In fact, before their eyes ears have to “see” the sound, there is nothing wrong, is that the same white object like a wall, that is a few hundred kilograms of metallic hydrogen explosion will be extremely compressed air around the shock wave formed from the physics point of view to said that voice. Only on the battlefield, people can often see this relatively rare sight, but there are a few people can notice it here at this time?

not shrill air raid sirens to heighten the atmosphere of unprecedented contrast of light and loud chaos of Tokyo seemed dark and quiet. Fire caused by the explosion lit up a seat ruins, explosions shook the earth, but also so apocalyptic.

shock waves deep pass into the underground bomb shelter right to do the “Oedo Line” subway, the dim light vibration shake up, each person can feel. Cost nine billion U.S. dollars in “Oedo Line” time spent thirteen years to build, so that luxury was almost bankrupt the city of Tokyo. It was December 12, 2000 was officially opened immediately become a symbol of Japan’s modern technology. “Oedo Line” by the Toei Company’s management, with the old “Yamanote Line” as surround downtown Tokyo, Shinjuku connections, Roppongi and Ueno to stand, length forty-one km. Electromagnetic force to push the train, silent no shock, with some computer systems in an emergency situation automatically control train speed. But there is no electricity, it’s all no good, only when the air-raid shelter condescension.

Even without vibration, diesel generator due to voltage instability, flickering lights also. People have become accustomed to this vibration, riots and desperate screams do not like two months ago, the first time after the shock, we just quietly or sitting, or lying in his position with the occasional cough and baby crying, very depressed kind, very quiet here even more. Exhaust fan is also turning more dead than alive, trying to put that many people being in an enclosed space usual taste discharge. People waiting for the end of the callous, perhaps bombing, perhaps life. Suddenly the lights flash a few times, went out, and no signs of recovery. Everyone thought it was a terrible outcome that has come to his mind, darkness so that everyone’s eyes are different terrible image emerges, darkness can not see in front of real people, people feel despair and horror brain Fantasy is the immediate reality. Lights off, ignited the outbreak of terror, a few seconds before or quiet space, all of a sudden being filled cries of terror and despair, suddenly coming darkness, everyone began to think of his own imagination exit direction rushed, as soon as someone falls, and because there is no longer trample up, shouts, he also added to the incessant screams and moans soon disappeared, and strengthen people’s fears, everyone can not help but become fear of a domino ring. Few flashlight beam lit up, it was at the door trying to stop the police want chaos, but the cause is more terrible tragedy, people invariably hit the wall to light the place to go pro, like moths to feel light . In fact, people have to understand living here has not been hit by a bomb, but they also know the fate of the fallen and hit post is no different. Survival becomes more conscious than unconscious escape terrible, you know who knocked down was knocked down by a higher than chance of survival, so more people were trampled to death or alive Jisi crowded in ……

it by far the largest cause of civilian casualties, because the independent power for the subway system failure, causing riots, thousands of people were trampled to death in the riots, mostly the elderly, women and children, more people injured. Xue Hao Jane certainly know this already by the Western media hype behind the meaning of the message, which will affect people’s views on international and domestic, as well as changes in the political atmosphere. If you win the war, the problem is better solved, the winner of the accused is unable to, or for the winner princely other words, losers Kou, you can let the victors write history,

mention this “little things” mean? If the war without a clear outcome, but rather what kind of agreement to end, then the problem is not too difficult to solve, because peace can return at any cost. Once defeated, so the problem is in trouble, no matter who is the highest decision or press the button to drop the bomb pilots, will be combined with the charges at trial, and to become prisoners of war subject to appropriate “punishment” …… Xue Hao Jane recover thoughts, calm in cold white and 沈剑飞 for money, said: “War is war, once the first bullet hit, we should try all means to win it, no matter how much the steel used, or how much blood out of you just do, everything that I am.!”

Xue Hao Jane’s eyes focused on a cluster of small inconspicuous spot map, it is the key point of the island of Okinawa, “the gods Twilight” nexus. Lay it, the gateway to mainland Japan will be wide open. He also knows that the Japanese Imperial Japanese military has already fateful entire island into a fortress, and stationed two hundred thousand troops, but also for the Japanese people boasted: “Okinawa is impregnable to attack one hundred million people was also Nabuxialai!. ” And we have begun to publicize the postwar recovery of central Okinawa, incorporate it into the vision of Taiwan Province, People’s Liberation Army and therefore can not be skipped from politics does not play.

“Okinawa can not be bypassed, no matter how costly, you must take it to!” This is either 胡旭湘 chairman of the Central Military Commission, and the General Staff of the Zhao Zhong Guo Si Marshal Johnson, had no objection. Xue Hao Jane had no doubt the ability of the PLA to win Okinawa, the only concern is the huge casualties. There is no weapon can better determine the size of casualties than the time, thought of this world, he decided to let the North Pacific and the South Pacific theater of the two bids to shorten the time to log in to the occupation of Okinawa.


Chapter 35 Megatron Okinawa

in the Battle of Okinawa bid meeting, Zhang Antao and Yuelu Health program is different, but Zhang Antao attack positions starting in Keelung, from Okinawa recently, and gradually take hold. Yuelu students a look at the signs wrong, do not immediately come up with a secret show his killer. He had confessed his forces have carried out widespread prewar tunnel warfare training, and demonstrated several new special equipment, and ultimately prevailed.

was angry after Zhang Antao said Xue Hao Jane eccentric, made some simple Xue Hao Yet something scratching their heads. Yuelu brilliance students rushed unlock secrets, Xue Hao Jane knew the name of the new equipment are Yuelu students to help him Louis Vuitton Outlet under the guise of looking for Chen Zigeng busy. He also plausibly: “Zhang headland near the troops and just kick victory, favorable factors accounted Second, I did not hesitate to make your point and the harm that may have no chance!”

Jane Yangnu Xue Hao said: “What can you let me also favor?”

Yuelu students nonchalantly said: “Who does not know the Chen old Louis Vuitton Outlet couple have been watching you as a son, not, then you can also give the old couple again when son ……” speaks Xue and Zhang have dropped away.

mainland Japan in order to prevent possible support for the Battle of Okinawa, Xue Hao Yang Kan ordered the Navy fleet of two attacks on the radius of the airports of Japan launched a series of attacks. Kay Hill punishment ocean fleet at the rate of two September 26 to 29, on the Kyushu area airports, and stopped the Japanese mainland in the southern region of the Seto Inland Sea lazy remnants of the Japanese combined fleet of ships, several large-scale air strikes. By 27 noon, two ocean fleet 16 “Tarzan” class arsenal ship missile attack, in half an hour, three thousand two hundred cruise missiles into the sky, plume of smoke they emit when the entire fleet are enveloped them, so the fleet accelerated flames are temporarily malfunctioning radar. In order to overcome Japan’s strong electromagnetic interdiction, most cruise missiles have adopted the latest digital photographic ground-based matching technique. Of course, in order to avoid the first missile explosion causes subsequent changes in topography and land-match difficulties missiles, targeted attacks order to follow the principles of the first distant past. These treetop flying cruise missiles drilled loopholes in Japan’s air defense network, and large industrial Hanshin Tokyo area were topping attacks, causing alarming damage. Xue Hao Jane lie in the Air Force focused attack aviation facilities and bases in Kyushu, also ordered mine Shimonoseki Strait area, blocked the Seto Inland Sea to the sea two things: discipline Bungo Channel and Iraqi waterways. In the airstrike campaign, the PLA Navy and Air Force pilots also easily destroy a variety of facilities and transportation hubs Japanese Kyushu region, so that the Japanese can not be performed within a month of mass mobilization.

Okinawa to Kyushu and Taiwan are two hundred forty sea miles, the Chinese mainland three hundred sixty sea miles. Unlike those Pacific island of Okinawa, which, like other countries in the Asian continent, has a long civilization. It is said here thirty years ago unearthed cultural relics, found the shell of civilization and stone artifacts of civilization. As early as the seventh century, trade development between China and Ryukyu people exchanges have been very active in China’s envoy Chu Sui too wide to the Ryukyu Islands, Ryukyu persuade the king to surrender tribute Sui emperor. Mongol invasion fleet off Okinawa also. Because of these interactions, Okinawa is an integral part of early Chinese cultural circle. 1326 Okinawa appeared Kitayama king, the king and the Zhongshan Nan Shan Wang Sanxiong country and from residents. Cup from the storm, playing a series of small wars between kings. After the Mongols catch Da desert, the three kings emissary tribute to the Ming Dynasty, attempting to fight for their legitimacy. Ming dynasty mission visit this island more than one thousand square kilometers. The strongest Zhongshan State Cha Hukou, competing found only thirty-six people. Zhongshan Bridge Swinger being king of the fan, completed the unification of Okinawa “cause.” He began between China, Korea, Japan, Malaysia and the Spice Islands do multilateral trade, Okinawa began to boom. Tall temple of God, pagodas, stone tomb shells have erected. 1511, the Portuguese captured the Spice Islands in Okinawa after landing, but the Okinawan people have learned to build the siege began, to defend their tiny territory. To 1602, the Japanese Satsuma Hou reapplying year Japanese pirates “pirates” attack on the Chinese coast so the trick, force, coercion Ryukyu classified as “vassal” failed. Satsuma reconciled failed Hou in 1609, Shimadzu sent home for a long time, the rate of soldiers invaded Okinawa, Ryukyu king prisoner, sent troops to supervise the Ryukyu affairs for 48 years. 1654 Ryukyu king got rid of Satsuma Hou control gratitude for China’s kind bounties, active emissary minister to China requests canonized. At the time of the Qing Emperor Kangxi Fengliu number one quality is still king, set two years tribute once. After another two hundred years, yet the quality is not absolute king tribute, using Chinese reign, followed hantangculture, said the Chinese parent country. Okinawa by virtue of its flexible and humble wisdom, tact, wit and knowledge of the ceremony, in order to survive in the cracks between China, Japan, the Netherlands and Portugal until 1872 misappropriation of Okinawa, Japan.

the Japanese began to assimilate by renaming Okinawans, and by World War II, the U.S. defense of the machine, in order to repair the fortifications in the name of efficiency all completely unique to the island in addition to traces of Chinese civilization. Evidence now shows that Okinawan culture deeply influenced Chinese culture, such as Okinawa unique turtle tomb ─ ─ they were letters Ω-shaped, with a stone into the notch all the west, that is the direction in mainland China ─ ─ there claws Stone lions, Chinese brand hug, hexagonal Chinese style pagoda or bottle-shaped pagoda tower, richly ornamented Chinese-style pavilions, temples, etc. Bricks and only a few of the American missionaries, master mariner and Portuguese explorers on the Ryukyu Islands Travels to find it. The book is like most of the Chinese landscape photos impressionistic landscape: towering pines and cypresses, willows, bridges, umbrella, Hawthorn, towers and leisurely rider, Okinawa vision is pretty scenery, mossy gray limestone peaks vary Stone, blooming wildflowers, plus the ancient Chinese architecture, it can be said that it is an enlarged rockery, bonsai pot super Mongolia in the rain curtain and fog barrier, like a paradise on earth. Unfortunately, it’s all gone in the phone-in World War II, and even private collection of wall paint, lacquer, ancient musical instruments, porcelain and silk and so were burned.

Okinawa shape, northern elephant letter “T”, the south like the letter “W”. Top “T” is the headquarters Peninsula. “W” is two notches in the town of Kin Bay and Bay. “T” and “W” junction called Ishikawa Isthmus.

Island area so big that small is not small, the Japanese island of Okinawa, although anti-landing force of about 200,000 people, half of which is the Army’s elite troops in Japan, but if the stick is not possible everywhere, especially open area positions will inevitably suffer overwhelming PLA navy and air force destroyed. When the garrison commander Shimada has not optimistic about the war against China, resulting in the same period classmate Kimura and Ono were when the commander of endeavor, he has been demoted to Okinawa. As a pessimist, Shimada from a year ago they started building underground fortifications of Eveready.

one defeat the Japanese in the Philippines, World War II, when he Ushijima keep learning the lessons of Okinawa, on the set of “People’s Liberation Army to allow adequate landing, the People’s Liberation Army to lure close to the sea, the Air Force is not fully covering fire and support, and then annihilate Its landing force “tactics. Japanese choose favorable terrain, build a few core fortifications. Located in the most southern island of the next three lines of defense: Mountain Nishihara, Okinawa, Shuri, and that the former defense and the South Island mountain areas. Fortifications to the highest standards, all located in the ground, have adopted an authentic connection between the positions. Reserve troops trenches have enough food and fuel bombs, can be independent operations. In the middle of the island “T” Top Motobuhanto eastern end, to 460 meters high peak eight heavy mountain mountainous core, relying Motobu area of ​​37,000 square meters of former military Yaesu Yue for communication, clever use of the cliff, and even the outermost layers of natural caves have been reinforced with cement to form a separate anchor.

defenders have a reinforced division, about 25,000 people.Louis Vuitton Outlet Half from headquarters

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Several front-line resistance of only one hour trip was wiped out, defeated the Taiwan military fled the city, the front line of defense in a crash in Taipei has become a reality.

just twenty-seventh Army ready to bang into the Taipei City time, Zhang Antao Louis Vuitton Outlet rushed twenty-seventh Army headquarters. “After the army to break through the defense Matsuyama, Taiwan’s like 一幢 crumbling buildings, we just gently push, it will be crashing down.” Twenty-seventh Army commander Zhang Antao worried that a military take no less than light Taipei.

“I have no doubt that Taipei has become a foregone conclusion, but the enemy early in the urban areas to establish a sound defense and you see almost every street has sandbags, trenches, barricades, firing points, sniper shooting point Taipei has become a big whole fortress. brigade and the enemy garrison utilized a total of more than 200,000 people have entered the position, so a dozen of you, take the middle of Taipei Xie Cho-trick as sacrificial lambs. “Zhang Antao, pointing to satellite updates Map patiently inducing twenty-seventh Army commanders.

twenty-seventh Army commander suddenly, immediately ordered the troops to stop the offensive to the defensive.张安涛 also instructed them to make a feint momentum, the northwest side of the main defenders of Taipei attracts over.

That night, the 16th Group and three Marine divisions and in spite of fatigue east, Louis Vuitton Outlet the Marines first, second, fourth and independent of the first division, two brigades under the coordination of the more than 100,000 Japanese troops stationed in Taiwan are enclosed in double Creek and Dasi areas. These forces under unified command Yu Xiaotian, continuous compression of encirclement.

twenty-fourth empty digitized Army is active in the conflict in northern Taipei, use an empty camp sudden eight Takenao ─ 13 helicopters to the Taiwan Air Force radar station at the top of the first bamboo Sanjhih combat control center air raid carried out thoroughly took control of the radar; PLA 6 WZ ─ 10 suddenly appeared in the town from a low altitude Guandu, Taipei County, Taiwan’s toward a fuel repository brush rockets hit the stretch, the entire depot bombed overturned; a troop transport helicopters using several frame Takenao ─ 13 transport helicopter, loading 20 soldiers and two contained 105 mm recoilless guns without the jeep, landing at zero hidden between Shimen Road and Jinshan Taiwan Province along the coast II and set up explosives in highway bridge in front of mined ambush site, when Taiwan military transport troops to spearhead into the bridge, the People’s Liberation Army Zhaqiao, broken road, suddenly opened fire, Taiwan’s fleet off guard, suffered a major loss … … in the entire northern Taipei, the PLA army helicopters everywhere elusive, the Taiwan military made uneasy, non troops never go more than one group.

in a chaos, He Xuefu and Sunyou Liang’s “Tornado force” began fishing in troubled waters. They learned from satellite intelligence on August 15 in the afternoon there is a mystery team heading for Taipei freshwater, through their analysis, the judge is likely to be grateful Cho-in transfer command. He Xuefu and Sunyou Liang immediately resolved to take action.


thirty-fourth chapter to recover Taiwan

Tse Cho-standing on the cannons, dull eyes staring western sea setting sun, such as blood. His last counterattack failed, Taichung just came from the south line of the PLA troops have news of a breakthrough last line of defense will be a communication break. He almost desperate, failed to put in front certainly inevitable. In Taipei, his security has been disastrous, many people want to take his head to the PLO lost sincerity, stay there, he wondered if he could see the sun tomorrow.

freshwater garrison commanders are mostly the children of his hometown, should be reliable. He lived in Huwei Fort was built in 1876 by the Qing generals 孙开华, but no time and finish the destruction of the fort in 1884 Sino-French War. From 1886 to 1890 between Liu Ming-chuan rebuild new recruits German fort two, one for “North Gate lock and key”, that today’s cannons. During the Japanese occupation of Taiwan, the Japanese took over the fort to become a Japanese artillery firing exercise field, after recovery from the military to receive.

Huwei Fort Golf Course and adjacent freshwater Martyrs, former pro Guanyin Mountain, Datun guard. Within the walls of the fort, channel, training grounds and other renovations are fundamentally replies year, and the history channel freshwater precious photos show. But the whole fort stone structure, but coupled with a modern iron gate, seemed somewhat Lun not class!

fish at the foot of the pier, thank Zhuoshui cronies had secretly prepared a few sneak motorized sailboats used for the situation deteriorated, fled Taiwan use.

At this point, 16 WZ ─ 13 transport helicopters carrying the Hexue Fu and Sun Youliang “Tornado force” the first echelon of the 129 commandos, weapons, equipment and fuel from Keelung Tongpanyu sky, through Sungai, Rueifang, Miles mountain Jinshan, Taipei County, and headed towards Sanchi and other freshwater town.

because it is a temporary action to seize the aircraft, too late to develop a detailed operational plan. He Xuefu and Sunyou Liang know they will face many of the most complex emergency situation, can not be taken lightly. They tune in a helicopter from the database freshwater landing Marines originally planned to develop, this program has several years of Marine Corps reconnaissance troops crossing the enemy’s dark island field reconnaissance effort, the defenders of the freshwater areas located in the water and the beaches of concrete piles occasion , iron mesh, steel sign, trenches, mines, bunkers and other seven, eight crystal clear and tangible barriers and troops configuration, but also on tides, wind direction changes one year are recorded in detail. With this plan, 贺学甫 and 孙有亮 battle plan quickly repaired and sent immediately with various detachments under data link. August 16 Pro morning 1:25, they digitized with the twenty-fourth empty sudden Army reconnaissance troops in Sanchi’s six Takenao ─ 12 helicopters confluence.

1 点 45 points, ahead of airborne surveillance system shows Datun silhouette. “The Louis Vuitton Outlet Yellow River, Yellow River, Eagle calls, call Eagle, we have reached the ‘Red 1′, we have reached the ‘Red 1′.” He Xuefu excited and slightly hoarse voice, instantaneous by running over the Taiwan Strait Earth synchronous communications satellite sent to Beijing General Staff Operations Duty Office, the Central Military Commission is very concerned about the ability to seize Xie Zhuoshui.

孙有亮 and 6 Takenao ─ 12 helicopters have been watching the first echelon of the golf course land in fresh water, they kept passing cross the golf course, to suppress the firing from the fort and Guanyin Mountain and the Datun concrete air defense positions Desk Army. Nevertheless, machine gun bullets or chase roll of helicopters, aircraft hit the dust flying around.

Suddenly, a machine gun bullets hit the shuttle and Sunyou Liang He Xuefu plane left engine, super small Yan decisive driver be forced landing. This frame Takenao ─ 13 some uncontrolled descent into the first echelon being filed fleet toward another plane spin deceleration stop Takenao ─ 13 rushed. If these two cross arms straight ─ 13 helicopters collided, not only the golf course can not be used subsequent large transport aircraft, and the commanders of this action is also hung up. Fortunately, no injuries Takenao ─ 13 rapid acceleration, flashed a bulky 贺学甫 and 孙有亮 landline, but can not stop the helicopter, suddenly hit the slopes. Then Andrew began landing small moment intensive fire also broke the right engine, the exhaust pipe spray of white smoke. Disappeared in the grass a few meters before the cliff where he received the throttle, gently pull the stick back, then grounded. Here has been out of the scope of Taiwan’s machine-gun fire, He Louis Vuitton Outlet Xuefu Yan small pat on the shoulder, said: “! Zhang commander I did not recommend the wrong person, without you, I certainly reimbursed this time.”

Since the attack did not achieve the purpose, 贺学甫 and 孙有亮 worked hard decision to approve immediately Xue Hao Jane headquarters, in addition to sending notification Zhang Antao reserve, but also to grasp the strategic command of the General Staff on duty Air Force XV digitized Army sudden rush to the rescue. 6 Takenao ─ 12 helicopters bombed a free hand immediately, and to convene near twenty-fourth Army digitization partner suddenly empty, the number of aircraft J ─ 11F fighter-bombers also came to support.

Taiwan’s riding intermittent fire was suppressed, 16 WZ ─ 13 transport helicopter landed in the open all the golf course. Aircraft maintenance crews are commando players wearing shoulder star flag stitched black field jacket, pants, boots, under the silvery moonlight shines down from the plane busy moving things, another team led by people under 贺学甫, immediately marching to the cannons.

cannons to double the square castle, an area of ​​about 15 hectares, the external walls of mud piled three more than a foot high, surrounded by a square around;. interior is based on a concrete building, and the corridor connected to the barracks. Folding ladder hooked commandos crossed the walls, then 60 pounds of explosives to blast a hole in the interior, and then rushed into. Isochronous burst into the courtyard, 贺学甫 only to find the situation a little wrong. Taiwan’s only a few soldiers to climb up, to take up arms fire directed at the outside for a while. Then a soldier threw a grenade, hit the building, and immediately burst into flames, Taiwan’s machine gun has become mute. Team searched every room, no thank Zhuoshui sight.

He Xuefu finally found a mistake, hastily summoned the helicopter, and in consultation Louis Vuitton Outlet with 孙有亮, the two decided to split up to attack the fort and near the White House said in a small Western-style ─ ─ Puding satellite intelligence showed there were bulletproof support team. By Bear fire, He Xuefu inventory of his own commandos, after determining all the team members in attendance, and hurried off to Puding ordered Mansion rushed. At this time the attack has started eight minutes, the town of Taiwan’s whining with fresh, out of the gate of the camp, but also to Puding Towers ran, but was immediately met with the PLA’s air support unit block, a row of dense bullets They blocked the road ahead. At the same time, 孙有亮 Yan transfer to another aircraft and small arms straight ─ 13 transport helicopters marching down the hill fort, the roof about 12 meters high giant flagpole became a striking landmark.

original 名圣多明哥 fort city, the Spanish demand in 1629 for military construction, wall thickness of 1.9 m, approximately 9 meters high main wall. Dutch defeated the Spaniards in 1642 that the occupation of this city, when the person is orang Dutch, because this city is called the fort. AD 1661, Zheng Chenggong drive away the Dutch regained in Taiwan, this city destroyed by the fire, then rebuilt in 1681, and sent troops there, but can not resist the territory two years later, the fate of Taiwan into the clear. 1724 Qing Dynasty rebuilt again Wherever the fort has been poured, so Qing stationed here.

Britain forced the Qing government in 1867 entered the fort permanent lease, the following year moved to the UK consulate in the fort, and began a thorough renovation of this city. Stamped with the red brick porch and turret, roof battlements, dungeons within the brick walls and floor inside the compartment, and the main building facades painted red. So the fort fort region is divided into two parts, the main building and the consulate.

beyond Sunyou Liang’s surprise, they did not suffer any resistance, small Yan directly to the helicopter successfully landed in the water around the two-story red brick mansions in the front yard, and carefully avoiding air waves off the roof of the Taiwanese Red watts. Commandos quickly searched the room so still nothing, they checked the stop in front of casting cannons Jiaqing 18 years under the city’s fleet, have not the slightest clue. He Xuefu there empty-handed, so everyone went back to the cannons, now this place has become the temporary headquarters of freshwater action. “Tornado force” second and third tier has arrived, took control of Guanyin Mountain and the Datun, and draw people to catch air field in golf course construction simple. Twenty sudden digitized Army Air Force helicopters have caught a few pieces and to the positive surprise Zhongzheng Road along the east, west block Taiwan military aid.

several aircraft Takenao ─ 12 helicopters from the MRT Tamsui River Park Bypass, with missiles and rockets into the freshwater MRT ruins.

Xue Hao Jane listening via satellite phone to report 贺学甫 and 孙有亮 and dispassionate analysis: “The situation from the perspective of the team still, thank Zhuoshui unlikely to return to Taipei ……” Yuehua Jian, Li Heng hurriedly took the latest satellite analysis report came in and said excitedly: “satellite found that while several boats six minutes before leaving the fish pier, is likely to be grateful to bugger Cho-I-the-horizon radar and early warning aircraft have begun to continuously track.” See Jane Xue Hao He Xuefu still some skeptical, smiled and said: “Taiwan independence elements are dead duck fooling actually very timid, Li said the situation is likely.”

20 minutes later, 贺学甫 and 孙有亮 really on the Tamsui River estuary aboard a motorized boats caught off the coast disguised as fishermen thank Zhuoshui. A total of two, decided to personally escort the Sunyou Liang Xie Zhuoshui direct flights to Fuzhou, He Xuefu put the fleet back to freshwater. On

helicopter pilot small Yan asked 孙有亮: “This waste is also worth a trip by yourself, let me say that one easy shot.” words like a sunny thunderbolt, by two burly commandos tightly Xie Cho-grip suddenly opened his mouth, his body seems to have blood in his head Chung, blushed like a hanging lung, mouth too big mouth breathing, and just when the scene is captured stubborn opposite. Just listen Sunyou Liang said scornfully: “how can such a big man to die so easily, it’s too good for him!”

Tse Cho-Sun Youliang with pleading eyes looked with mercy tone: “I just execute the wishes of the people of Taiwan, they want to be independent, I want to do does not work I have to offer …… important information.”

“Unfortunately, the people of Taiwan can not be a judgment, now had to by their representatives ─ ─ you to do too! This is probably the only sorrow as politicians, but you can put as your honorable thing ─ ─” Sunyou Liang quips.

next two commandos have no compassion, talk about the various horrors of World War II war criminals were hanged after all.

At this point the helicopter has flown in a light sea, small Yan interjected:. “Fuzhou just around the corner.”

Tse Cho-hear, eyes wide in horror, as has already been shot in the rabbit, whole body shivering, his face unusually pale, breathing very rapidly, incoherent and nervous whooped: “innocent”, “innocent”, but shout After a few times, even the words are gone. He probably lost his soul has been scared, I do not know of saliva or mucus from his mouth and nostrils to flow out enough to have half a foot long. As the helicopter landed bumps and shaking, Xie Cho-like backbone like a broken, leaning into a pile of meat, thanks to hobble around on both sides of the commandos, not just get on the ground.

When Jane Xue Hao Xie on TV Zhuoshui ordered Taiwan’s telephone calls to lay down arms, he is like drowning who did not seize the straw hole as promised. Soon, Xie Cho-Taiwan military command to stop command to resist waves spread through every corner of Taiwan, the Taiwan military has long loss of morale immediately stopped resisting, is compressed in the Japanese Tachi region suddenly became alone.

8 17, Yang Jianhua decided to return to Taiwan, visited his hometown after a long absence. Xue Hao Kan and his staff firmly opposed to doing so, he thought it almost a gamble, Taiwan has too many stragglers, too dangerous. But Yang Jianhua insisted to do so, and with “too much blood has been shed in Taiwan, is a time for dressing” to convince the other members of the Politburo.

when Xue Hao Guo Si tells Jane it is political missions, the two relatively smile, had 舍命陪君子 it.

Xue Hao Jane had programmed the various armed forces stationed in Taiwan urban sequence out and ordered them to immediately rush to the respective district plane, replacing field armies. Then he and Yang Jianhua Taiwan along with the newly established People’s Armed Police Corps to occupy the vanguard together flew to Taipei Songshan. Young Big arrange a group hiding in mainland Taiwan’s political and business bigwigs then come.

Yang Jianhua feeling very emotional, walking around in the cabin, starting with Xue Hao Kan discussed the fate of Taiwan. “Quite simply,” he said, “We will try to use this tool to former Taiwanese government security people, the tool itself is not wrong, the civil service system in Taiwan is still very good.” He talked about would be the first to Taiwan independence forces uprooted, destroy the underworld forces in Taiwan, and depoliticize Louis Vuitton Outlet the return of economic development. He believes that the most important thing is how to recover

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High power.

these rich and readily agreed Xie said of Cho-please shut immediately by Singapore to Louis Vuitton Outlet the mainland. They may not have as DPP regime sacrificial loyalty, but took the opportunity to escape this “shot” of the land of Taiwan Bale. Almost at the same time, the Chinese government announced June 7: Taiwan’s Democratic Progressive Party, Independence Party, the Presbyterian Association is a criminal organization than a dozen community members from today will have to leave their organizations were all unrepentant Yanchengbudai ……

moment occurred on the next PLA combat internal disagreements place to 张安涛 headed Fujian theater and the Southwest Pacific have gathered in Taiwan face channeled Xing Kai Shan fleet commanded by two oceans have suggested that an attack on Taiwan, Yuelu born against all the odds, insists based upon ” Twilight of the gods’ plan calls for attacking the Philippines. In a conference call, Yuelu students repeatedly pointed out the necessity of winning any war occupation of the Philippines on: Once north of Manila Bay and the Philippines hand, things will be easier, you can strengthen naval and air lines of communication resources of the South to the Japanese blockade. He also refuted “People’s Liberation Army landed in Taiwan can help people get” point of view, because sensible people in Taiwan as early as a few years left in it, the rest are half a century of colonial rule by Japan, the KMT demonize education for half a century DPP decade of the Cultural Revolution-style Louis Vuitton Outlet revolution completely brainwashed fools independence supporters. Today, although they despair, but we can not underestimate the desperation first brought hysteria, landing immediately but will encounter fierce resistance. Situation in the Philippines is different, you can take advantage of the PLA troops stationed in Japan Filipinos growing discontent, cut off the Japanese get all possible help from them. Moreover, the Philippine troops

low density, strong PLA can be formed in a predetermined region completely overwhelming, will soon make significant progress in the fight to expel the Japanese. In the Philippines, Japan and Taiwan, the victory will push into a hopeless abyss, so that people become frustrated hysteria, eventually lost any desire to continue fighting.

so that in future wars intensity in Taiwan and Japan will be greatly reduced.

Yuelu born final remarks touched the heart of the central leadership.胡旭湘 and 徐齐贤 to maximize retention of the essence of Taiwan’s industry is cored, Yang Jianhua home to reduce the ravages of war and certainly applaud. For as the “nanny,” and the Philippines, we are the lesser of two evils compared. Finally, the views of students Yuelu finally prevailed.

he not only convinced the central, but also persuaded the Navy Xing Kai Hill. The latter promised to give full support to the Yuelu students. June 8, Xue Hao Kan officially lifted the ban on the Philippines in the South Pacific theater of the attack. In the South Pacific theater of the Second Artillery Force has attacked the Japanese mainland large base of each task, how much force can not be used in the Philippines, the Philippine battlefield to win air superiority mission will naturally fall on the shoulders of the Air Force Theater. Just back troops Sakhrani it nonstop theater directing air to the Philippines and Guam, all-weather air strikes. Japanese air raids focused on the Clark airport located northwest of Manila Luzon Air Force, Del Monte Airport Mindanao and Anderson Air Force Air Force Guam airport.

responsible for coordinating the theater Jianfei Shen, deputy commander of the Air Force will be summed up by the two sides in combat long ago found some habits do not meet modern warfare Japanese: Japanese air force commander like the action in front of the plane about to take off neatly arranged, to encourage morale; every day are in the Air Force attack squadron, battalion and regiment as a unit, to facilitate the training of understanding between the players familiar, but the number of combat aircraft mechanical cause dull; single Japanese pilot technique is very good, but commanding officer of the level of Japan was really flattered. Exploitation of these vulnerabilities, Shen Jianfei and staff were soon developed a well-planned, Reggie Sakhrani rejoin the Air Force more so lads theater in high spirits.

throughout the morning, Shi Jun constantly sent small forces to harass the Japanese aerial to the number of aircraft and the Japanese each wing commanders uncomfortable, often send a squadron engaged, the number of inadequacies, but to send a brigade but too much. Japanese pilots to compensate for lack of experience fighting and relentless practice with some multi-unit tactics, most of these tactics squadron and the brigade is based, each squad will carry out their duties. Does not affect the integrity of the tactical, day camp every Air Force officer had overwhelming force attack.

seem to know their own strength is not enough, the PLA fighters bombed only a few small goals and then hurried away. Japanese fighter planes did not hit the People’s Liberation Army, a part of coming back to the ground. The rest are still ordered to stay in the air, hovering around the Philippine Islands.

into the evening, after another day of little victories weary Japanese pilots finally return it. At the moment, has been silent in the South Pacific theater of the Second Artillery Corps but came momentum, fired several surface-to-shot, destroying several communications relay stations and radar. Ono commander then said: People’s Liberation Army Air Force trouble all day but in order to find these goals, large open for subsequent action Bale. So ordered: “! Respective air wings are not allowed to dissolve, resting place, ready to fight back,” he knows where this road has become Japan’s air force command straw in this region, each squadron stopped the usual dispersion of aircraft operations at night allow players to eat and rest. While in the air, Shi Jun has personally led the way into the island have been familiar with the Japanese small stocks, quietly came to the three main objectives of a surprise attack from several directions. Japanese radar operator

Bataan Air Force Intelligence station was surprised to see that there has been a large bright spot on a remote surveillance radar screen, follow the move to low-land, a number followed by a number.

“enemy strikes!” operator shouted.

from heading to see, the goal is the region’s largest Clark Air Force Base. The first time he wanted to use the telephone to report Clark airport, but found communication center was destroyed, the two sides have been interrupted communications. Contact the radar operator Ono headquarters in Manila, because the Japanese communications line failure transfer station there, he had to help the Philippine military communications station. Philippine military communications station for a long time no one answer, the communication of soldiers who went to eat. They have always been so accustomed to. It was only a captain on duty answer, I do not know this officer did not catch the Japanese captain radar operator broken English, or skin Da used to, he did not even tell.

invading PLA pilots hardly believe their eyes: the rows of the aircraft on the runway entire row of flat head, body glistening in the sun. No trace of clouds over the airport, east of the mountain like a giant Ayara traffic signs. Some already prepared to fight to the death storm carried Shi Jun, see Clark airport calmly lying in wait for the Japanese planes bombed and almost no happily passed out. Wait Sakhrani specific division of labor, a large number of his men to fight two-seater J ─ 11 bombers flew directly to the target.

Japanese 1 E ─ 2C early warning aircraft at this time is starting, when the crew saw a fly from the airport at the end of the black specks come quickly, he wondering:. “Okinawa aircraft to reinforce the” one pilot then Q: “Why did they cast tinfoil?” is probably another reporter came, grabbed with a long lens “Nikon” camera ready to take pictures. He fears to see that the lens is clear PLA pilots wear “17 August” helmet, “That’s not tinfoil, damn Chinaman!” This early warning aircraft finally could not fly, bombs have laid down, the It is blown up on the runway, climbed out of the cabin crew embarrassed, have fled.

airport violently anti-aircraft artillery firing with several Japanese F ─ 2 fighter aircraft scrambled against, but was soon J ─ 11 shot down. The first batch of the People’s Liberation Army fighters in attacks roaring, guns spitting flames, broken concrete floor runway bomb bursts in a round ball of fire. 2nd batch into attack position immediately, followed by the first three batches.

very few Japanese fighters took off. PLO fighters did not put them in the eye.

just get rid of the nearby small airport Ng Iba fighter enough, with 36 J ─ 12 Louis Vuitton Outlet stealth fighter-bombers to a brace, Clark began a bombing of the airport hangar. Parked in front of the hangar aircraft fire shot after another. Accustomed to seeing men smashed war Shi Jun, ignoring identity, artillery rushing with authorities in the three F ─ 5 type runway stealth fighter, flares lit up the tank, so that the PLA Air Force headache in the sky “air hole” twinkling of an eye Fire became the “Phoenix.”

destroyed three F ─ 5 after Sakhrani immediately found another one is off the Japanese F ─ 5 fighter, it has escaped the pilot’s head several PLA attack. Shi Jun did not pull up the nose to the height of the occupation, but went around to the back of Japanese aircraft, directed afterburner plume fired pieces infrared fighting bombs, missiles directed at that frame vector F ─ 5 nozzles fly off after the explosion This Japanese aircraft swing a bit, and then they plunge to the ground.

Shi Jun remembered the moment still waiting behind the front Jianfei Shen directed him to report the busy open the “chaos” type satellite phone, said: “In front of all let us believe, we did not encounter will be expected of us implementation of a large number of Japanese fighter planes attacked the contrary, what we see is placed at the bottom of the wing of a group of live targets, nearly two hundred bombers and fighters throughout the runway neatly arranged in the upper plains we review …… attack flawlessly Computer automatically be ejected from the series of bomb bomb bay to go on falling locked target, the point of impact is very accurate, is not wasted. This is what I saw in the whole course of the war our aircraft most accurate bombing, I have to admit Computer stronger than me …… if you want to base the entire Clark rumbling explosions in the sky. hangars and other ground facilities blown apart, the ground in flames, flames raging sky. ”

PLA planes bombed strafed nearly half an hour, in addition to runways, and aircraft, airports around the depot, camps, repair shop, offices have been attacked. Until no goals to be found, Shi Jun reluctantly go home.

after being attacked Clark airport, Del Monte Airport and Anderson Airport filled with smoke, blotting out the sun, and is full of smoke charred wreckage. Meanwhile there Iba attacked the airport, the airport and Jin Deli Nelson Airport dozen medium-sized airports. In just one hour, Ono’s air power would wreck more than half, to attack the Philippines, the PLA air superiority needed only minimal consideration for the loss of more than a dozen fighters, they win later.

6 9, Jianfei Shen Shi Jun and they build on the progress in the South Pacific theater of military aviation group several turns again to patronize the Philippines. Ono with the Philippine Air Force, including all 95 fighters scrambled to intercept, but in the face of the powerful People’s Liberation Army Air Force fleet, these aircraft either in quality or quantity, both in absolute disadvantage. PLA fighter-bomber is almost no hindrance in the case of the Japanese once again hit the Philippines and Guam, Air Force, and focus on the bombing of the Cavite Naval Base. Ono standing on the top floor of the hotel in Manila platform, helplessly watching the flames rising from the naval base from the flames and billowing smoke, but no way in addition to rage outside, a few days ago ballistic missile attack from those who survived the Holocaust in the return of the ship but also by the two times bitter, was a two ballast sin.

Yuelu born “ground” forces will be on stage, and its main IV, XIII and XIV Army suddenly empty digitized first goal is to Mindoro Island, which is located in southern Luzon, just as the People’s Liberation Army to attack Lu Song Island a pedal. Yuelu Health fancy it another reason is because it is outside the zone monsoon rains, the soil is hard, and the nearby islands muddy situation is completely different. PLA can not only occupied the island and use the existing three airports, but also very easy to build temporary airports in the South Pacific theater of the Air Force for use to provide effective air cover for the next step in the implementation of landing on the west coast of Luzon.

But before the battle started, Yuelu students but also address another obstacle, which is not that lie in the People’s Liberation Army’s offensive line due ─ ─ Palawan island narrow, negative defense, Japan and the Philippines have not arranged many troops as a reserve The forty-second digitized Army Air sudden pilfering can solve; rather far away in Manila Bay Corregidor Island.

like a cork Corregidor Island in Manila Bay as strangling the narrow throat of the sea, only 3.2 km south of the Bataan Peninsula, Port of Manila is the cover of the door. The island hills, tunnels aspect, 6,000 Japanese troops stationed combat troops and 3,000 non-combat personnel, plus 2,000 civilians. Deployment of air defense missiles and a variety of sea artillery, howitzers and mortars, are called “strong fortress in the Pacific.” Just hold the Japanese island, the PLA will not be able to adopt and use of Manila Bay. The island is shaped like a tadpole head west, the head of the Manila Bay, 150 meters above the square platform. Head to the east is the mountain, steep slope, forming cliffs and difficult climb, then east is a narrow beach, as the tail of the island. Lowlands near the foot Louis Vuitton Outlet of the hill where there is a Malin Ta, due to its cliffs blocked the path out of the tail, so Filipinos in Malin Ta Shan dug a big tunnel. The island of about 2,250 meters at its widest point of the head, topped with an area of ​​450 m × 150 m and an area of ​​the school field 450 m × 60 m golf course, two venues located about 500 meters. Plus the length of the island so as to form a tadpole-shaped island about 5000 m long and narrow beach.

Corregidor though it is a tiny area of ​​only a few square kilometers, but because of its important position in the Pacific War, Japan, and the United States to compete for this island, launched a number of bloody battle field. March 1942 11 evening 7:15, MacArthur led the family and the person concerned is from dark to take four torpedo boats by night fled to Australia.

his “I have to go back!” famous make island world famous. After

Japanese control Corregidor Island, was appointed Colonel Kato Morijima commander. Kato continued to urge the Japanese troops on the island around the project to build tunnels and hidden artillery positions along the island surrounded by barbed wire and erected a large number of landmines buried on the island of underground storage reservoir also has plenty of food and ammunition. The Japanese also use their advanced reclamation technology, the tail of the beach on Long Island’s only one runway is only 300 meters 金德里 airport expansion to medium-sized airports have two 1,200 m runway.

Kato had been Army generals on the drum so that the Minister of the hill, “the PLA has implemented airborne attempt on the island,” the instructions, but after the tour around the island, he believes Corregidor Island terrain is narrow, strategically located, the PLA can not be mass Airborne assault, it is considered sufficient troops on the island carry out any existing anti-airborne operations. Precaution, he ordered many remote mines planted in the eastern part of the island on the airport runway, and the configuration of the mountain artillery, so that when necessary, with the firepower to block the airport. Kato, the main defense forces deployed in the hill top and 马林塔 for dealing with marine landing; concealed within the reserve 马林塔 mountain tunnel, the command post located at the top plateau, has fiber-optic cable to communicate with all the forces and walkie-talkie contact.

Yuelu students aware of the importance of the whole island of Corregidor in the Philippine war, two months ago he secretly set up a “whirlwind force”, the original “blue sky” as the commander of the commando captain He Xuefu colonel, the original “Dragon” Assault Colonel Sunyou Liang served as political commissar of the captain. Force the original “blue sky” commando, the original “Dragon” elite commando and theater scout compiled, the base is still built on Lake Toba in Sumatra island in Lake Samo.

airborne assault to capture Corregidor Island is not easy, because the island is no easy paratroopers landing place. The only suitable for airborne region, is located in the tail of the island’s 金德里 airport, but it is too far away from the summit plateau,Louis Vuitton Outlet but the Japanese are in the main positions of the cliffs above the runway

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Carrying capacity is limited, and no more than 60 cm in diameter. Penetrating head Louis Vuitton Outlet for the high-density depleted uranium alloys, tungsten heavy metal alloy core or materials to ensure penetration hardness. After the fuze is programmable intelligent multi-purpose type, you can drill through the multilayer structure of sand, concrete, etc., in a bunker inside detonating high explosive charge. This smart fuze uses accelerometer to distinguish between different target media, and calculate the hole and feel hard layer, electronic control and select the preset delay time.

“sky” type penetrating warhead ballistic missile shield China Land is the first ballistic missile defense system, and so has a strong offensive weapon was branded a “defensive” word is really quite ironic. It is undoubtedly expensive, inherited the tradition of the PLA Louis Vuitton Outlet conscious Xue Hao Jane and cold white is not no money in pointless, they let a group of Navy and Air Force launch a series Penetrator warhead cruise missiles or ammunition for the Joint Strike ” sky “type pave the way to open the gap, while emitting a miniature unmanned reconnaissance aircraft to prepare for the subsequent passive guidance. These cruise missile warhead from the precursor charge, the main charge, fuze and shell components. Housing built with high-energy, low sensitivity of explosives, fuses the best fried began detonating high precursor charge, eventually detonate after a certain delay main penetrating warhead, damage goal.

a “sky” guided missile warhead returned Cockpit screen on one screen: the first appeared on the screen is heady blue-chip, blue blowing. Gradually, there have been some blue green and brown and white spots. Spotted an expanding circle, is an unseen force quickly pulled in front, can finally see, and some redness is a desert ─ ─ Xue Hao Jane and money cold white Saar know this is India Rajasthan Desert .

different from the rest of the world desert, Saar has been clouds over the desert contains a lot of water vapor, which took less than clear the fog of satellite photos, and desert temperatures gave infrared reconnaissance enormous obstacles.

but these problems are synthetic aperture radar satellite SAR overcome the PLA Army days.

guided warheads with the help of high-altitude hovering at low altitude reconnaissance aircraft under micro immediately pegged to be the leading cruise blasted pit, at the bottom of a pit is exposed cracks in reinforced concrete and metal liner. The head of the missile system to make high-speed computer arithmetic functions converge rapidly directing attacks warhead crack aligned vertical drop, an Indian air missile intercept helplessly missed the point, rambling white plume of smoke soared into the air drag. Jumping large bunker and one little dust, after about one second to the bunker as the center, in a smooth surface slips out of the sand around the circle round sand waves, like ripples expanding outward, like, This miniature reconnaissance aircraft returned a stuffy sound ─ ─ guided bomb warheads have been self-destruct, then it becomes a bunker funnel greedily absorb the influx of sand surrounded by an Indian …… “Agni” type of Well-range missiles were destroyed.

Cockpit another screen and shows a mountain near the Indian border with Nepal original, several aircraft of the PLA are hovering at low altitude unmanned reconnaissance aircraft, as prewar intelligence pointed out that this may have a secret missile launch base in India.

of the year, where as much as half a year, rainy, once rare to see the sun, causing difficulties to the specific positioning satellites.

time, a scout sent back to the screen suddenly displays a small hill miraculously started slow and heavy to move. As the People’s Liberation Army officers issued a series of remote commands, the video signal is flashing after a while, clearly appeared overhead shot of mountains and hills on the screen. Lens again closer, appeared in front of surveillance personnel are located in the hills of the great original position reinforced concrete covers. Monitoring personnel quickly determine under the covers is a “Prithvi” missile silos, they call immediately unmanned aircraft in the vicinity.

With the covers open, a strong light ejected from the bottom to the sky, while at the same time came the muffled roar with a whistle, and then a red tip missile bomb stuck his head slowly from the wellhead , followed by the missile body, followed by a bomb tail rudder piece …… across all exposed elastomer wellhead at the moment, like the missile is what forces suddenly shoved a wildly accelerated, dragging a white plume would blue skies to line up, it was later said to be fast, a lightning-air missiles across the monitor screen, accurately hit just left tail of the missile near the wellhead. What a huge departure from the vertical track ballistic missiles, and then its tail exudes countless sparks, and then broke a central group projectile fire, the whole volley of missiles it blown to pieces, cited the following forest …… It all happened in blink of an eye, but the speed camera surveillance on it slowed the whole process, so that the PLA surveillance personnel see more thrilling, creepy. And so it all ends, they found Jane Xue Hao shirts are soaked with sweat.

first wave of attacks in the PLA slipping through the net of Indian missile bases are mostly equipped with some of the old-fashioned ballistic missiles, they are useless command on trendy computer networks can be issued at this time but a handful of several missiles. There are just three missiles at the PLA Air Force missile defense network of cracks, escaped the fate of their companions were shot into space. UNC Cockpit

days everyone seems to feel at once the head of a two-edged sword of Damocles hanging, look tense atmosphere. Cockpit switch to the center of the screen about a manned space station command center, according to the safety regulations have been put on spacesuits wartime young director of the Center Griffey immediately comforted us:. “Everything in our fingertips.”

money cold white snappily scolded: “! your kid to learn what is wrong, how a pair of Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense of the entire face.”

Griffey made a face, deftly turned a space fighter returns front of the screen, a good Indian missile to fly suddenly caught fire and exploded. Griffey with a voiceover explained: “It’s going astray and hit our tenrai array!”

ranging everyone back to taste, then switch to another deputy Griffey space fighter radar screen, there are many bright spots, there are two small bright spots continue to close the connection. Griffey explained: “Connection showed kinetic ASAT missile launch space fighter has been locked up India’s missile.” Voice hardly ever, has shrunk to about one of the highlights of the connection disappeared. While we are pleasantly surprised when I heard Griffey shouted: “!! Hey guys, give us a way to stay artillery base their laser has not even opened yet.”

center of the screen shows a look of apology Griffey capacity, he sheepishly said: “It was about to give you for performing laser cannon to crush ‘Meteor’ excitement screen, but was not inspired by space fighter gang to kill the star who destroyed. As compensation, I offer a grand pictorial spaceship laser gun! ”

With Beethoven “Eroica” sounded strange boat shuttle vividly on the screen, the central plane is a huge laser cannon loaded moving platform, wing tip is some vector of small nozzles. However, the most unusual is the body covered with corner reflector, can be seen from this perspective is merely a shadow on the red planet for some cylindrical blue background and distant spacecraft rocket issued. Small changes in the angle of the entire aircraft have a huge visual distortion.

cold white pointing at the screen to money Xue Hao Jane explains: “aboard the space shuttle has a strong anti-laser radiation, its surface covered with corner reflector, shine light on any satellite will backtrack, destroying launch themselves . ”

Xue Hao Jane nodded and directed the center of the screen and loudly: “I know this is a costly guy, but I will make every effort to secure more financial resources you have to make sure you can keep 一枚 Indian ballistic missile landed us. The Homeland. ”

“Rest assured, heads! our direction detachments are sent back to Japan soon can we build another road impregnable! goodbye.” Griffey and excitement turned to alarm state.

killing of full Admiral Shi Jun regardless of his identity, personally led a J ─ 12 stealth fighter-bomber brigade from Diego Garcia military airport to kill the Indian Sirous research reactor, which is the oldest reactors in India, in 1960 will be put into operation, the thermal power of 40 MW. Line before the bombing of Air Force General Commander Admiral tried to dissuade secondary Jianfei Shen Shi Jun, he carelessly replied: “! Bombing nuclear reactors, how can such a thing does not stimulate me, miss this opportunity of a lifetime happen regret it forever.” Shi Jun

this time from the air looked like coagulated whole Sirous research reactors with a statue in the sun shine, white buildings with the surrounding landscape showing a strong contrast contrast. PLA pilots surprised, hands touching fingers started itching bomb button. Program in accordance with the attack, as attack missions of 12 J ─ 12 stealth fighter-bombers quickly climb to 600 meters height, steering from west to east, into the bombing of Louis Vuitton Outlet the airline. The 8 J ─ 12 stealth fighter, rising to 5000 meters altitude, warily watching the Indian Air Force’s movement.

led Sakhrani first dropped a laser-guided high-explosive bombs, bomb from the air and from the Reactor 550 meters straight down, huge momentum generated by the acceleration of gravity, making the bomb through a vertical deposited in Reactor body of the top few meters thick proof cement barrier, causing a violent explosion inside the reactor body. Followed by another 11 J ─ 12, followed by Shi Jun flew center point lead aircraft bomb, dropped 22 bombs, all hit the target accurately. Jun Shi received the order, 8 J ─ 12 blink of an eye toward the ground from 5000 meters altitude, joined the second wave of attack. A gold laser-guided bombs and flew along the laser beam to the target, followed by a deafening explosion. After the destruction of the reactor body

PLA fleet at a pre-division, starting from a different angle, a subsidiary of the reactor facility destructive bombing. As soon as the sound of a violent explosion, a J ─ 12 rocket propelled buried penetrating bomb hit the other side of the nuclear reactor at 8 meters deep underground nuclear waste storage tank, a huge column of smoke into the sky at once, concentrated smoke engulfed flames, the pillar of fire up to several hundred meters.

7 45PM, the whole Sirous research reactors have gone. With Sakhrani order, 20 Louis Vuitton Outlet aircraft vertical climb into the sky, embarked on a return of the return journey, behind them, a huge column of smoke obscured the sight of the radar air defense forces of India.

high-explosive shells at thousands of pieces of metal particles 迸 strike, Sirous the heart of the research reactor producing weapons-grade plutonium ─ ─ natural uranium heavy water moderated reactor room has become a ruin. Huge particle-ray shielding steel cover was torn several cut, crooked, lying among the ruins, the central control room to put the computer giant Fangdaowuta, riddled with the breeze four wandering plume of black smoke.

simultaneously and together they Sakhrani from Diego Garcia military airport of an H ─ 8 stealth bombers attacked a major airport near it available for used nuclear bombing and MiG MiG ─ 23 ─ 27 aircraft movements. Machinists ─ 8 on the H bomb bay begins once threw a bomb craters under 40 runway and 300 mines, bomb crater landing parachute airdrop, so all warheads toward the ground to ensure that the first explosion tore the runway surface, and then make second explosion, causing the runway covered with huge, circular crater billows of smoke. 4 H ─ 8 that destroyed the airport once threw all four 8000 m long runway. Another 1,200 small mines, then as Fairy Scattering Flowers like falling in areas around the airport, close to hitting some aircraft, vehicle or building, while the rest will be hidden down a few hours after the explosion, which will lead to difficulties in repairing airport project heavy, ominous, and danger. Consequent, the Indian Air Force in advance to avoid all human sturdy shelter without being damaged fighter took off in the short term it is difficult to put into fighting the PLA troops.

completed the main task of returning the People’s Liberation Army Air Force also began to be seen easily attacked military targets in India. Shi Jun They also had to deal with Sirous research reactors are air defense missile troops infrared sensors useless, way back just hit a bad Indian armored group. When the 20 missiles from the J ─ 12 stealth aircraft dropped, and use a parachute to reduce the rate of decline, the small device will launch automatically rotate to release the bomb warheads with infrared sensors to search the target and track heat emitted carried Tank Engine attack. Who heard that support H ─ 8 stealth bomber squadron and dropped another armored personnel carrier designed to deal with cluster bombs, these bombs dropped in the 8000-meter, tank shells at a predetermined height will be hidden in the cabin of 20 bombs released, the warhead can penetrate the thick armor, and later detonated in a combustion device. Shi Jun them enough, and follow it to find the starting point of India armored group, dropping some timing used against military personnel bomblets. These bombs will be put in a few hours after the explosion itself, so that the building was surrounded by flames round, caught in a sea of ​​fire, fortifications collapse, the risk will be passed back to the people mistaking buried alive …… India’s nuclear weapons to destroy the system’s “Hot Wheels” The first phase of the plan

Qian Xue Hao Jane in the cold white assist in the development of completed very successfully, the Indian Army and ballistic missile bases all known exposures are rapidly destroyed, all the long Indian Air Force runways are blown potholes, several important communications command center also destroyed. Is never troubles, they also progressively destroy the entire nuclear industry and nuclear technology development centers in India.

the first day of the destroyed nuclear technology development centers are: New Atomic Research Centre in Mumbai, is responsible for the development of the hydrogen bomb; Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Department of Atomic Energy engaged in nuclear weapons and basic science research work is also affiliated Mumbai, England. Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research, Advanced Technology Center and a number of research institutes; located at Visakhapatnam in charge of science and technology laboratory Navy submarine hull construction; Cochin Shipyard is developing nuclear submarine navigation, sonar, fire control electronics and tactics Naval Physical and Oceanographic Systems Laboratory; responsible for the development of metal corrosion in Mumbai Naval Materials Research Laboratory; as submarines provide special alloy steel, high-pressure air and water pipes Hyderabad Defence metal laboratory; Polk Han test range. Zhou as punishment for the sin of aid India’s nuclear scientists, particularly in the People’s Liberation Army Air Force near the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre in Mumbai cast a living area air-fuel bombs. Bhabha Atomic Research Centre employs about 14,000 people, including scientific and technical personnel accounting for around 60%. It erupted in India lost a large number of well-trained senior nuclear science and technology talent.

PLA did not let the Indian Space Research Organization Department of Space belongs, Space Applications Centre, the rocket launch site, the National Remote Sensing Agency and satellite monitoring stations across the country network. Of course, the destruction of the PLA under the Indian nuclear industry is sparing no effort, in addition to being bombed Sirous Sakhrani their research reactors, the greater the production of weapons-grade plutonium to another seat 100 trillion watt research reactor Wade Hu also 沈剑飞 command disappeared. Within two days, the nuclear industrial infrastructure in India has lost an annual output of 300 tons of uranium in uranium mining and milling plant, a production of uranium dioxide uranium purification plant, a production of uranium hexafluoride uranium conversion plant, four manufacturing boiling water reactors, heavy water reactors and fast reactor fuel fabrication of fuel elements, 8 700 tons of heavy water heavy water production plants, 10 research reactors, 14 of the total installed capacity of 3,000 MW nuclear power plant, production of enriched uranium centrifuge enrichment pilot plant 2, 4 producing plutonium reprocessing plant, a high-level radioactive waste curing plants, two plants producing tritium and Mumbai a pilot plant production of beryllium beryllium. development and manufacture of nuclear weapons a complete system

India After half a century of effort, as it pursues a policy of regional hegemony, seeking great power status of national strategic objectives and thus ruin the service.

combat duty room in the General Staff, Xue Hao simple one easily Louis Vuitton Outlet unplugged after India’s nuclear teeth, his eyes toward the first display screen on the big wall map of Tibet, the figure along

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When the big threat. With the nuclear ballistic missile submarines equipped, making it the third nuclear strike force. In order to deal with these submarine hidden, American was forced to take a global tracking system, the former Soviet Union into the Atlantic and Pacific submarine channel monitoring will be the primary objective.

order to monitor the former Soviet submarine into the Pacific Ocean, the U.S. Louis Vuitton Outlet Joint Japan, Australia and other countries thousands of kilometers deployed a monitoring line. Since the submarine can dive deep using a large way to monitor the use of laminar flow escaped, so monitor line commonly used to monitor the continental shelf along the deployment of nuclear submarines. This extension of the Bering Strait to monitor the line outside the Aleutian Islands south Kuril Islands after the end of the Japanese archipelago extends to the Ryukyu Islands, and then extended to the Bashi Channel south of New Guinea unanimously.

This monitor is called the Pacific island chain line, at the end of the Cold War and then Louis Vuitton Outlet to target China.

U.S. military aware of China’s nuclear submarines can bypass this monitor line from the Indian Ocean into the vast Pacific Ocean, which of course no way to stop, but after prolonged combat them into position and return to base in time to reduce their overall efficiency. Once the Pacific island chain monitoring line is broken, the situation is different, not only the PLA nuclear submarines, the reasons for those who can not pass the voyage of conventional submarines will be flowing into the Pacific Ocean, it will be crucial sea between the United States and Australia Nightmare .

U.S. military heads of the idea is good, but the fast pace of development of the war beyond their control. After landing from the east cluster has been acting as the pioneer of raw Yuelu is empty Liu Weiping fourth digital projection Army and Yu Xiaotian fifth digitized Army suddenly empty. They agreed that the two Army in two shifts, is responsible for the day Yu Xiaotian, Liu Weiping then pipe the night, 24 hours a day uninterrupted attack.

their troops on both sides of the road like a long index finger, directly into the defense forces, sometimes due to the advancing too fast, actually born far from the eastern cluster Yuelu fist, but they are still along the leading Darwin Harbour Full speed ahead boldly, just to keep the line back in touch with logistics. Coalition swift and resolute action is likely to cut off the finger, but as Xiaotian Liu Weiping and Yu estimated that the enemy is too panic and confusion, it is impossible to take decisive action.

listening to the distant sound of Australian troops are retreating to blow up bridges and roads destroyed explosions, Major General Liu Weiping can not help but smile and laugh, how can these fluff affect our forward speed digitized Army suddenly empty.

He immediately ordered the troops to execute captured Darwin plan, be sure to complete before dawn ……

Liu Weiping plans to perform like a clock as accurate. Full of burning fire and abandoned trucks and artillery, is covered in tropical forest soil thousands of years has been the explosion blast Yang on the sky, the sky flying with sharp fragments of cement and bombs. 3:25, Liu Weiping Wu straight ─ 13 command and control aircraft has been hovering over the city of Darwin International Airport, from where it overlooks the port city. He could clearly see the road leading to the port, and teams of American and Australian troops captured from his body after his face with a sad, went to a temporary prison camp, waiting for the return of the transports sent to the rear of the PLA. 4:30, from the airport to the People’s Liberation Army air tanks rumbled into port. An hour later, the city surrendered all forces. No force ─ ─ ─ ─ even Liu Weiping I can not save at this time of Darwin. When troubled coalition forces bombed his own huge fuel depots and ammunition depots, loud explosions shook the whole sky, the smoke rose up over the harbor below the flame is lit red.

back to the Gulf flame reflection, Liu Weiping, even in the dark you can see the water gradually sank in the harbor ship chimneys and masts silhouette.

landing operations in four days, the fourth, and five helicopters attachment digitized Army Air sudden within the establishment, in bad weather conditions, day or night to fly out of a total of several thousand vehicles. Because of their skilled, advanced equipment, good discipline, high morale and excellent luck, they completed the arduous task again and again. Coalition air defense systems and ground fire only hit and shot down two dozen helicopters, but did not cause significant casualties, they are wiped out 60,000 troops.

12 31, Perth, Darwin and the subsequent fall of the PLA landing marks the victory of the war has ended, the PLA can take advantage of the good facilities in Darwin Harbour and Port Perth Feilimante accelerate the PLA armored troops and logistical transport. This victory also eliminated the last people to digitize the full capabilities of the air force sudden suspicion, since then, suddenly empty digitizing the world’s major military forces into the mainstream of the country.

digital PLA Air Force then suddenly developed into a seasoned combat combined arms Louis Vuitton Outlet forces, air and ground forces into two categories. As digitization empty sudden force from the main air force reconnaissance helicopters, cover helicopters, ground attack helicopters and transport helicopters to support troops five classes, there should be a division above Army Air Force troops.

digital projection forces have been synthesized into an empty battalion level units, battalion headquarters has been able to formulate a unified thorough and feasible plan.

regiments and battalions two cable package is actually the headquarters of the vast majority of combat operations planning and coordination, including: determining attack routes, fiction refueling plan of action to distinguish between the time to arrange the flight levels, the time flew overhead goal and so on. Plans to issue instructions issued to the way tasks discs each task detachments. Pilots before performing tasks can receive a collaborative CD, containing the above: All helicopter war cries, communication frequencies, password code word, friend and foe identification signal to guide plans, refueling and suppression of air defense plans and other plans. Detachment commander is responsible for controlling the attack route, and the right to ad hoc changes in action through the data link in a helicopter detachments digital maps marked routes and specific goals.

effect depends on the quality of plans due to an attack, or even determine whether the pilots returned safely, so the university plans to force staff are culled leader.

reconnaissance helicopter pilot was suddenly empty of digital technology forces driving dodge the best, most sharp eye, the mind but also the most flexible and best of luck lone hero. Their reconnaissance plane has been changed by a straight conversion of WZ ─ 12 ─ 12, assault weapons and equipment in addition to more surveillance equipment carried by much. If you think they are bullied, then you’re wrong, because it is digital units, they can always provoke remote firepower precision strikes against the enemy, so they tend to have a say Takenao ─ 12 lookout, often ranging up brother forces Small stocks have already wiped out the enemy. For the hidden enemy to come to find the target reconnaissance by fire, trying to lure the enemy fire, it is not difficult to find their location.

reconnaissance helicopter pilot is the most annoying enemy army camouflage, especially natural cunning Englishman. With a large number of miniature unmanned reconnaissance aircraft ready to release the equipment, greatly reducing the chances deceived. For false target discovery, reconnaissance helicopter pilots like to set a counter-traps, killing enemy troops disguised.

helicopter units cover major equipment Takenao ─ 12 and a handful of combat-type WZ ─ 14, their job is to destroy the enemy’s troops and a few helicopter attack aircraft, air combat and air patrols and aerial escort to perform its task of long items. Because of their fastest helicopter, often battlefield interdiction missions. Is by far, the coalition has not come up with effective ways to deal with the troops.

ground attack helicopter units like self-proclaimed digital backbone of troops suddenly empty, but outsiders often think they are more “trekking all trades, but master of none” of the people. They are mainly equipped WZ ─ 10, WZ ─ 13 attack and a few fire-type WZ ─ 14, is best at attacking enemy armor, the slogan was “expelled from the Army’s Tank sequence.” As the enemy tanks are accompanied by their own portable air defense artillery systems and unity of infantry weapons, this is not an competently, had suddenly empty and digitized troops with armored forces. Touches on their sideline, attack enemy ground targets other than the Air Force did a good brother. In a separate deal with the enemy’s air defense forces helpless again also explored some experience, if you have been anti-aircraft missiles or artillery attacks, you do not need to count on someone else, it’s best on your own. Because when you are attacked, the Air Force is responsible for air defense suppression aircraft not necessarily on your flight route. High-speed anti-radiation missiles and they used the time to launch from the search target is generally better than ground missile destroyed a long time for their own helicopter. Ground attack helicopter unit found that if some of the high-speed anti-radiation missile hanging in the formation of several helicopters attacked tops, you Louis Vuitton Outlet can ensure the safety of the entire fleet to attack. There are a variety of other tasks performed by air

deep strike, air support and guidance in the implementation of the digitized battlefield air forefront close and so on.

Support Helicopter force mainly Takenao ─ 13 of various modifications, perform early warning, command and control of the air, electromagnetic compaction, laser assisted task Relay communications and remote aerial firepower, is suddenly empty troops digitized force multiplier. the number of helicopter transport helicopter troops have

although representing digitized empty sudden forces than 1/3, but it is not the most sound a force. They are suddenly empty digitization of ground troops wings, is the main logistical troops.

pilots think they are the most efficient task while stocks troops and supplies to the front, in full machine escorted prisoners, that is not a waste of aviation kerosene.

Army Air Forces troops suddenly empty though braved the old name, but it is equipped with fixed-wing aircraft, the Air Force is currently only sent by the guest. Digital empty heads of sudden forces are waiting for the upcoming service VTOL advent of J ─ 15 because they feel empty because the digital projection forces advancing too fast and too far from the scope of the airport’s air force could not demanding 24-hour air cover.

digital ground forces from the air suddenly paratroopers landing infantry, armor,Louis Vuitton Outlet artillery and air defense forces and other components. Paratroopers and glider infantry so proud to call their names digitized air forces in the conflict, “assault” should be worthy of the name, in the army officers and veterans have participated in a variety of special commandos, digital sudden air forces of other secret forces can not be completed reconnaissance, ambushes and stealth assault and other tasks by their commitment, they also inherited the tradition of the original digitized forces reconnaissance troops, the biggest headache is to allow coalition forces.

the armored fighting vehicles equipped with BMD ─ 3 paratroopers, 2S9 type 120 mm howitzer own force and infantry assault vehicles, artillery tractor is equipped with a compact 155 mm light howitzers and 122 mm rocket launchers, capable of firing a variety of guided projectile. The equipment can be dropped by the Air Force transport aircraft, but also by their own transport helicopter lifted around obstacles terrain. If the control of the airport, but also the legal Leclerc tanks imitation air 2010 main battle tanks, due to the extensive use of titanium and additional armor quick loading and unloading of the lightest weight only 35 tons.

The reforms also contributed to the victory of landing PLA Marines, they accelerate the Marine division and a separate one, two brigades converted to the progress of digitization empty sudden force.


Chapter XXI victory over the United States

Australians in a violent explosion and the piercing sound of air raid sirens in 2012 ushered in the New Year. When

Premier Wood in Canberra City Library in the basement below the new commander of coalition forces Eichelberger will ask the frontline fighting, the night can feel the heavy sound of bombs falling. Everyone knows the need to strengthen air defense, but with the PLA air blockade, had no resources to create more aircraft, missiles and anti-aircraft guns after the Australian military factories consumed inventory supplies for the defense of the capital fighter pitiful.

Premier Wood disappointed to learn that the PLA armored army has landed, the designations have been learned XII, 24, 26, 27 and fifty-four or five army, coalition forces will have points God rolling in from the ground to deal with the PLA mechanized. Great depth and width of the front of the former Soviet armored fighting but they learned traditional strengths, Wood thought here involuntarily shuddered. Arriving in Australia have been found near Eichelberger ridiculous to imagine when all the plans, Clark undoubtedly right, it is imperative the U.S. Solomon Islands, New Guinea, the Bismarck Archipelago and withdrawal, and finally withdraw from Australia, but Presidential military adviser will not listen to professional advice, and entirely from politics. “But who told him it was our commander in chief?” Eichelberger some frustration thinking. The only outcome of the meeting is to decide on the coalition forces to retreat to the mainland Brisbane to Adelaide line, first stabilize the front corner. Wood also approved Eichelberger use some new weapons, dangerous even braved the PLA with the same weapons of retaliation.

PLA Air Force Air Force cloth has been the case in the three northern Australia, beginning 24×7 bombing of southern Australia. PLA extensive use of unmanned aircraft and unmanned bombers during the day or at high risk battlefield environment, opened a new era of human combat. The night is the PLA Air Force stealth fighter J Heaven ─ 12 and stealth bomber H ─ 8, the base housing is made of two planes of a chiral composites, surface coated with polycrystalline iron fibers called absorbent radar absorbing coating. Chiral material can reduce reflection of the incident electromagnetic wave and absorb electromagnetic waves. Polycrystalline iron fiber is a light absorbing magnetic radar absorber, a high absorbing effect can be achieved in a wide frequency band, and the weight reduction of 40% to 60%, to overcome the magnetic absorber present in most heavy shortcomings. The effect of dual use, so that the two stealth aircraft radar reflector surface is less than 0.001 m2.

an Australian soldier in the description of the PLA daytime raid scene, said: “In the northern sky, appeared behind the group and a group of ass dragging a long tail of smoke fighters, blue skies in a neat row formation, Like groups of pearl-colored fish swimming in the ocean and we feel that with each new Chinese aircraft bombs, because they are different for each of the last explosions are used bombs, never heard voices, so that air strikes have increased every horror and tension …… ”

PLA Air Force, the Army never alone fantasy “off” enemy supply lines, appearance 7b for the Navy and Air Force who always want to help the naval blockade and the saturation bombing of such money, effort solution to the problem is ridiculous. In Australia this vast wilderness and jungle coexist country, “the card off the” supply lines simply can not do this sort of thing. Even non-stop bombing by coalition forces the honest period of time, in order to conquer them and make them surrender, on the ground had to fight with them face to face. After two days of rest, from January 3, 张安涛 western cluster from west to east, from north to south Yuelu born while the eastern cluster core areas to the southeast of Australia launched the attack, troops generally take Liu Weiping and Yu laugh invention ” two shifts “tactical, day and night chase. In the People’s Liberation Army air and ground attack 24 hours a day, the coalition finally tired out, a large number of soldiers sleeping has become the vanguard of the People’s Liberation Army prisoners.

Eichelberger withdrawal proposal was rejected after President Toledo had planned a counterattack, counterattack main conflict is the 18th Air Army, had just transferred to New Zealand and Hawaii, after the reorganization of the main subsections 10,82 and 101 empty sudden division, equipped with more than one thousand helicopters. He analyzed the People’s Liberation Army in the eastern cluster is not available in Australia due to the East Coast ports, with its logistical front line troops advancing while longer and longer, while the western coastline of South Australia, the cluster can use shrink-off transport Louis Vuitton Outlet line, he judged the PLA east

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Germany, France and the United Kingdom ─ ─ fell out after one day of energy Louis Vuitton Outlet always prevail, specially developed this “chip curing virus”, put them into all kinds of pre-electronic chip embedded in weapons systems and civilian computer, and then through weapons and computer exports to countries around the world to sell. Once these countries have become adversaries, the United States will soon have a way to choose the remote activation of these viruses ─ ─ wake Zhezhi invisible fifth column, so that the opponent’s electronic weapons systems and the Internet instantly paralyzed failure. As the allies can be purchased from the United States civilian computer directly controls only allow U.S. ally impossible to buy a computer problem while making their own nationals immunity, not to mention there is a computer in the secondary market, it is simply in the United States are the placement of the civilian computer “chip curing virus “, in order to avoid the buyer doubts.

U.S. intelligence agencies also reached into other countries, are engaged in Louis Vuitton Outlet a secret CIA program, and is fitted with a computer chip to trap those produced by foreign arms dealers, and are likely to sell potentially hostile weapon systems . The CIA put the plan called “repair cut.” Another plan is to find the CIA for foreign arms dealers who write software for weapons systems officer, bribe them, so that they deliberately left in the software defects or flaws.

this flawed weapons systems looks OK, the operation is normal, that is, by the warhead will not explode after a particular instruction.

Americans this hand really insidious, they are very confident people can not grasp the activation command, America’s own civilian network is secure. They absolutely can not think of this super weapon is stolen by others. This strictly kept in San Antonio, Texas O’Kelly AFB Joint Electronic Warfare Center mysterious instruction, is in the hands of the PLA Information warfare specialists.

now Caochuanjiejian PLA information warfare experts with the typical American approach to the United States to issue these instructions civilian internet and spread to U.S. allies through the U.S. Internet, by virtue of the strength of the Americans, the half of the world manipulation of the little finger. Other People’s Liberation Army military information warfare experts first issue rarely used “HARM missiles.”

and some specialized software to deal with the new virus disinfection, and then they carry forward in his novels, Murong family “to the road he also applied Bishen,” the spirit of the year and a half to the United States sent a “Dutch Girl”, “paraplegic , “” AIDS Trojan horse “,” plague “,” beauty Lisa, “” Love Bug “,” Magic Dance “and” Jerusalem “, and even to fight against the UNIX system,” Morris worm “and other computer viruses, all returned to the United States or from the United States to catch them in transit to the United States after the allies, the United States this time is a hard nut to crack.

virus pattern can be described as strange, and some write head or tail of his own executable file copy, some directly to the local hard disk formatting, and some random data in memory is written to disk, and some will give the virus encryption, and some will modify the length of the infected file attributes to conceal the existence of the virus, most definitely is by constantly modifying registers way to make the program “run backwards.” There are constant changes to escape by killing the antivirus software. In order to avoid network congestion and

stringent checks, many PLA information warfare specialists altogether directly connected to the American communications satellite, commonly used by American Internet phones into the virus. So the result is that, from the United States began its allies to its size, the network the more developed countries, the higher the degree of popularity of computers and mobile phones countries, the extent of the disaster suffered a computer virus, the more deep. In contrast, those backward countries blessing in disguise, because of the low level of computerization, so rarely affected even simply no computer viruses.

information warfare experts from the hands of the People’s Liberation Army to withdraw to the kinds of computer viruses, is to revive the photoelectric speed and spread around the world in the network system, resulting in a grand and spectacular and a developed or semi-developed cities The sad scene: the lined up numerous road car queue, countless-ship on the ocean or river downstream drift, countless trains suspended or dug out in the middle of the track, and numerous aircraft on the tarmac, “lying nest “Even the crash, thermal and hydropower turbines countless seat stopped rotating, wired and wireless optical microwave communication lines no longer work …… proud myriad everything is computer-controlled automation systems whom the civilized world, have been a variety of dreaded computer virus deletion, eliminate or destroyed.

a place where there are computers, computer viruses are meticulous, everywhere to the all-pervasive. At the same time in different spaces, computer operators around the world are suck down a cold lump: Just in front of them still behave normally a mainframe computer and the monitor screen, put on a lot of faces another instant. Whether it is text or image data tables, all turned into a flashing spot, beneath the bitter snow, or dancing letters, vicious spell. The most frightening is the emergence of a just ripped flesh, bloody on the screen, Guikulanghao wearing “USA”

beret skull, it “hissing hissing rip rip” any keyboard input characters chase big mouth eating, eat one every character, then grinning soon. Sinking again soon eat into hideous skull characters spit, spit blood in alphabetical one composed of “add my ass!” After this sentence, skull and issued a “quack” guffaw. Computer Operator who

enraged, invariably put a clear computer viruses work. But after some hectic sweating profusely, most of them sadly defeated. Because they found no disinfection software will immediately operate as long as a failure. Right now with all their military against the U.S. military set of computer viruses and national essence of decades of experience invention.

U.S. military simply can not explain why the American people have dedicated a virus, why have paralyzed the country and U.S. troops themselves are unaffected. Toledo is imperative that the President aware of detoxification rather than explain, immediately ordered the U.S. military to send more people to the private sector for help. U.S. military information warfare defense emptiness in unprecedented stage, which is the fundamental purpose of “yellow wave” information warfare. Space Force Information Warfare Center

Li Heng and South Computing Center theater logistical information warfare warriors have both hands free, of course they do not want to miss the opportunity. Tasks that they have continued to harass the United States and its allies civilian computer systems and information networks transferred to China’s main intelligence department, the use of pre-sent in various capacities throughout the world as a cover agent. The agent received some information warfare training, but they broke into the main virtue of the program is known as the “Crete” in. These more powerful, more simple to use program to break into as many as several thousand, China’s information warfare experts in advance according to the specific circumstances of each country to optimize the agent’s break these programs, so no need agent know the complexity of the password command or must have extensive computer knowledge, they simply use the mouse pointed to the point that it can attack a computer system. As a result, the United States would want to trace the source of a potential hacker prohibitively up.

Li Heng They solve problems scattered throughout the United States for civil military headquarters contact information specialist with a breakthrough soon invade U.S. military computer networks. The first is that the U.S. administration into a successful payroll, personnel records, transportation and supply of spare parts logistics sectors. Contrary to popular belief, the vast majority of the United States Armed Forces root daily communications and logistics-related services are on a public network, which includes civilian telephone line calls and sending e-mail via the Internet. These public services include all sorts of everyday things, such as food supply base decisions, some of the major and sensitive issues, such as medical supplies and the development of guidance and other maintenance association. And any interruption can give military activities of these enormous logistical problems. Computer security management in these sectors usually relatively loose. According to the Pentagon to deal specifically located near Arlington National Cemetery “Automatic Systems Security Incident Support Center” to assess the military nerve center of the computer emergencies, there are nearly 1,000 times a day about trying to break into military computers these actions, monitored only 50 times, of which only 3-4 times reported security Louis Vuitton Outlet officers. And the original design in order to facilitate access to and use of the Internet, it caused such a back office computer systems vulnerable to break into the innate characteristics. After

PLA information warfare warriors come to download and transfer intelligence intelligence agencies after they began, and the U.S. Open. “joke.” They casually simple calculations on the payroll, the biographical won medals and awards to various criminal records, messing up the warehouse and the destination container terminal RF card records ─ ─ such swaps should be sent to the Alaska’s military exports to Australia, warm clothing and heatstroke breathable uniforms, will transport aircraft munitions, trucks, trains and boats heading introduce errors, route or transfer to modify the number of the military factory orders and delivery time, thereby undermining preparatory work before the war and weaken the combat effectiveness …… Security measures

direct U.S. military computer systems used in combat very tight, Li Heng command concentration of forces attacked the hardest to break into the Pentagon’s computer system responsible for combat, because he knew that once broke into this system, nearly 90% of the Other combat computer online systems will put an intruder as a legitimate user, its door open. After

intercepted a satellite listeners coalition headquarters in China over the accident in Australia was sent to the Pentagon attack black gram summary report, the PLA’s leading experts in information warfare Pentagon finally knocked on the door ……

offensive in 10 minutes before the countdown, Li Heng them to modify the underlying data of the latest U.S. Naval Observatory ephemeris, after completion, immediately notify Xue Hao Li Heng Jane. the last step

PLA information warfare experts is to spread the subconscious, the virus changes through the terminal screen flashes a special frequency, can directly affect the computer operator, this time using a more moderate, but people feel extreme fatigue, so he sleeping for days.

received good news after news of Li Heng, Xue Hao Jane sighed, shaking his head and said:. “In the next fast as lightning and strong electromagnetic chain reaction explosions to attack, even if the enemy did not want to surrender the chance,” he picked up the red telephone, the long waited impatiently Zhang Antao and Yuelu Health issued a general attack order.


Chapter Information Warfare

U.S. troops in Australia is undoubtedly sufficient, in the Australian Air Louis Vuitton Outlet Force from its headquarters in Oahu’s 希凯姆 Pacific Air Force Base, the main withdrawn from Japan and 5th Air Army come from South Korea 7th Air Force, also including Guam and the Philippines moved to New Zealand from the 13th Air Army. Currently equipped with all the F ─ 22 and JSF fighter, B ─ 1B and B ─ 2A bombers, EF ─ 15 electronic warfare aircraft, E ─ 3D AWACS, KC ─ 135 tankers, C ─ 130 transport aircraft, HH ─ 60G rescue helicopters and “Aurora” reconnaissance aircraft and other aircraft of 2200 or so. Army there are 7 and 8 Army 1st cluster composed with 40 million people, more than 3,200 tanks and equipment, more than 4,400 armored vehicles and more than 4,000 helicopters. Pacific Fleet is responsible for defending the United States and Australia sea lines of communication, it has seven aircraft carriers.

look at the numbers, is undoubtedly powerful, not to mention it also has twenty tens of Australia, Britain, the new army support. However defeatist mood has filled the entire U.S. and British forces, but also affect a naive Australia and New Zealand troops.

12 月 25 Christmas Eve, a large number of U.S. troops sent to the headquarters of the coalition received an urgent order, hastily ending Christmas dinner, each night in addition to Barry Trinidad bound for Australia desolate wilderness, in many places inaccessible by road, and made grumble U.S. soldier is complaining. I do not know why the report sent to the headquarters of referrals as ignored, officers suspect probably go to the Christmas Party, and made understaffed. Since this year, the U.S. military often engage in such exercises, we have already got used to it. Hectic in two columns on the outskirts of Sydney army column head-on collision, the always scarce inland road traffic has also undergone a military roof cow blocking traffic situation is worse in space problems also occurred in GPS navigation system, stop working. To eliminate the paper maps and proud military look thrown off balance, most learned astrological knowledge directed back to the teacher, is also due to lack of practice and remember to become a talk, away from towns near quickly find the wizard, or breaking open hunting supplies Shop the collection compass, confused beyond belief.

Logistics Center headquarters in Canberra this night also went to the nearby military airport receives the latest batch of infrasound weapons, a dozen aircraft C ─ 130 transport plane unloaded several dozens of containers, inspection quartermaster open a container, immediately perplexing, which is filled with uniforms, but winter clothes. Not ordinary stuff, is a man named “Alex High Voltaire,” the military new materials, new materials with winter clothes, only 30% less than the original weight of winter clothing, warm and increased by 20%, but also allows rainwater to enter, the body sweat evaporation able to successfully discharged. Quartermaster busy open other containers, all to be so. Quartermaster muttering: “It must be a mistake is using the wrong uniform on behalf of the weapons that it is summer uniforms, the gang of idiots in Washington are not considered here in the winter, right!?” main

5th Air Army in Sydney, 18th Wing was ordered to immediately transition New Guinea Port Moresby airport, 7th Air Force’s elite ─ ─ Brisbane 8th Fighter Wing ─ ─ the night transferred to the West Coast in Perth.

other wing also has a fighter squadron mobilized. Base from Sydney to New Guinea, Port Moresby airport or from Brisbane to Perth, there are more than three thousand kilometers away, however, because the past year several maneuvers were held with the participation of the entire United troops essentials transitions already mastered. Transfer the entire air wing, not just hundreds of fighter aircraft F ─ 22 off shift on the line, but several tons of heavy equipment and several large maintenance staff have assisted hundreds of maintenance while the transfer, otherwise, to Local unable continuous fighting.

air equipment should be together very much, for example, the ground started the engine F ─ 22 power cars, instant testing complex good F ─ 22 rather sophisticated electronic equipment to check the machine, the missile man F ─ 22 liter tank shells ammunition truck and maintain F ─ 22 stealth body surface coating of precision instruments and so on. Maintenance support staff nervously demolition of all these things and then stuffed large transport container C ─ 141. Are filled with a variety of aircraft fuel, no refueling, slightly less than the range F ─ 22 for a transfer, but also hanging under the wings of the four auxiliary fuel tank. Because the missile base after the installation scheduled to destination, so are put into the C ─ 141 transport aircraft, the airport’s air defense missile forces also put half a box mounted missile shipment.

18th Wing has packed a squadron took off, and suddenly the air raid sirens rang through the base. Wing Commander Colonel Howard was taken aback, jumped the car battery to the base vehicle control tower go through. There, all the information will immediately hand.

Howard too late to say hello, and asked: “? how it was.”

“anti-aircraft missile units, according to airport radar reports, about two hundred kilometers away from us over and found a large number of missiles, there are about more than one hundred and fifty pieces are flying straight into our base.”

Howard listened to these words, his face suddenly became pale, he knew he had only less than two minutes, but now he is no combat troops. At this time, a dozen aircraft on the tarmac F ─ 22 I heard the enemy air raids, combat prejudice busy Shuaixia four auxiliary fuel tanks, regardless of the no-air missiles, bravely off it.

18th Wing base turned into a hell of a moment. Full load of fuel, Louis Vuitton Outlet equipment and missiles waiting to take off

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Locker radar yet targeted, these J ─ 11F fighter-bombers will fly away rumbling behind Louis Vuitton Outlet them Shuaixia two bunches of fuel-air bomb. After a few seconds, dull explosions, flames suddenly two Jumping, like lightning across two intersecting downtown Jakarta, each dragon up to 10 kilometers on a dark ground extraordinarily bright. Battalion bombers keep coming, overwhelming dropped incendiary bombs in the firelight ordinary like a string of bananas, like Tiannvsanhua general. 100 meters from the ground, the cluster incendiary rocket burst, shot a 10 cm long root burning stick, come into contact with something exploded, the glue-like fire to spread to all sides, “day of fire” came. searchlight on the ground madly fleet

irradiation, the high-altitude missile drones in vain to shreds, anti-aircraft guns were also playing the hand dog eat dog, but the PLA fighter plane connected to high-speed passing from an altitude shells without a hit. Easily pilot reported: “Target a large fire,Louis Vuitton Outlet not fierce anti-aircraft fire, patrol aircraft disappeared.” Residents found on the outskirts of downtown Jakarta

direction, bright flash lit up the night sky, the trees open flame flower at night, and then suddenly a large string of fireworks falling issued peeing sound. After the air strikes began just over 15 minutes, the fire has spread to potential Cheng Zhaofeng city huts. Half an hour later, the raging fire has spread too uncontrollable, people abandoned the fire plan. Winds blowing from the south sea fueled the fire, carries a huge fireball stars like fire residue, jumped from a building another building. On

Avenue, Indonesia can not control both firefighters and police flee the flames, no stopping frightened fleeing crowd. People ran for their lives scattered like mice wildly crazy rattling, thunderous explosions are on the top of the head, salamanders scurrying on the streets, the fire is horrible screaming everywhere.

flames gradually from orange to white, blowing smoke up towards the sky, the ground were mapped into orange flames.

flames devouring everything can burn things, melted metal, tiles into a black powder in the fire, many people hid in the dugout was alive roasted to death. People are crazy, desperate to see the water jump into the pool park, hospital cistern densely packed with people who want to escape, but the high temperature to make the pond into a cauldron of these people become cooked dumplings.

dawn, the wind stopped, the Jakarta into deathly silence. Through the twilight of dawn, it was discovered that the center of a large flat area has disappeared, and only a few concrete poles and iron shelf standing alone, some plastic billboards still braved the smoke, the air filled with the pungent The smell of charred corpses. Fleeing crowd gradually returning “home”, where they wade Chi Weng River tributary, the original bridge was gone, the river has turned black, floating in the river with numerous charred bodies tell is male or female .

how these survivors would not have thought that this night of the fire, so that hundreds of thousands of buildings burned in Jakarta, hundreds of people homeless. Historically, only 9 March 1945 Huogong Tokyo can be compared. Less than a day after

Huogong Jakarta, the PLA Air Force night raid second largest city Surabaya, Indonesia’s largest shipyard and the city into a mass of flames. The first three days, bad luck and come to Bandung head, numerous incendiary turn it into the fire, it’s anti-aircraft missile assembly center also flames naught.

within the next month, space island of Java Joint Command strategic bombing command group led by Shen Jian-Fei flew a total of nearly ten thousand sorties, air strikes continue, while still Yajiadadan velvet size of the port is not busy port and Surabaya, Java, Hong Kong and other cloth under mines.

no threat to land-based anti-submarine aircraft from the island of Java, the PLA submarine force to show their talents, a transport ship within two weeks hit the coalition of more than sixty tons, completely sealed off from the sea, the lifeblood of the island of Java.


Chapter XVII truce again

Australia and New Zealand after several months of hesitation finally put one foot in China and the coalition’s war.

10 2 April, the two sides jointly announced that Australia and New Zealand sent troops to evacuate from Indonesia, Australia, the 7th Infantry Division in Daru, Papua New Guinea and landed in Hong Kong, Indonesia to move forward cautiously Ilion Province. Australia and New Zealand, sea and air forces stationed in East Timor capital of Dili and engineering troops began expanding existing air and sea bases.

Chinese army in Indonesia have been CMC command refrain from military conflict, and Australia and New Zealand. PLA vent anger and focus to the island of Java coalition head. In the Anglo-American air and sea military

original sixty thousand people on the island of Java, killing nearly ten thousand people in a month’s air strikes. Anglo-American military commander of the island’s Hang Carolina will believe that the coalition forces in the island of Java can persist for at least one year, but to do that, the first question is to strive for foreign aid. To this end, he repeatedly to Washington for help, hoping to get weapons, military and food, while Washington has repeatedly pledged to make every effort to ensure sent military aid. October 10, has been evacuated to Australia’s Clark calls the coalition commander said, arrived in the port of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, a number of anti-aircraft missiles are assembled out of the box, the other 48 J ─ 22B fighter is the latest in transit, and that President Toledo “When I saw all of your calls, Navy and Air Force as a positive indication to you to provide all kinds of support.” Got this promise, Hangzhou satisfied as Anding Jun heart, can not wait to go the next day troops patrol the island and confidently told them:. “Aid is on the way, we must stick to the arrival of reinforcements.”

However, the time went by, Java defenders what assistance can not wait, just wait until the PLA Air Force bombing and dropped them quickly surrender leaflets in English. Hang satisfied begging Clark sent a number of warplanes flying over Jakarta, so the pressure on the enemy propaganda arrogance and eliminate Java dugout hungry soldiers were a common worry: Washington and London have abandoned them, and they only resigned to it.

Unfortunately, the highest decision-makers in Washington and London has indeed made this decision. To Anfu Jun heart, they opened a lot of checks, but unfortunately all the bears. Clark tries to impress Hang satisfied from the strategy: “We hope that in the near future, rapid deployment dominant newborn sea and air forces, south of Borneo China will cut lines of communication, and to be able to attack coalition forces in the Lesser Sunda Islands …… you win every day, for the purpose of achieving our focus necessary irresistible force, are crucial. ”

Unfortunately, in most practical now, whether the United States or its allies Britain, have no power to implement this plan.

policy makers had developed a “stick in Australia, Japan and India to promote” global strategy, a large number of military forces will be concentrated to the United States and Australia in Australia and the South Pacific up lines of communication.

would make such a guarantee in the near Clark, responsible for Java battlefield Solarz rush to the rescue, Major General finally gave up sending aircraft carrier fleet and rescue transport fleet various ideas, he said in the report, “as is done entirely committed suicide, the Navy Finally belongings are now lost, we can not win back their money, we can not protect the United States and Australia transit.. ” Clark wrote in his diary dismay:. “People always have died,” which is actually equal to Carolina and his men sentenced to hang for the death penalty. Darwin in Australia’s Northern Territory sudden reorganization of the 18th Air Army Michelle remembered his retreat experience in Sumatra, he volunteered troops ready to rescue Clark gratefully approved, but only begrudgingly gave him more than two hundred aircraft C ─ 130 transport aircraft and 101 helicopters. Michelle knew before the burst of the financial crisis dealt a heavy blow America’s wartime economy, the government has not let expensive weapons arms dealers at full capacity, these equipment is Clark do everything plundered. Obviously not enough to break through the equipment

PLA tight blockade of the island of Java security forces rescued Anglo-American, Michelle naturally turn our gaze like a string of pearls in the Lesser Sunda Islands. It was a long and tortuous retreat, fighting continued along the way, seems to be moving backwards in inch by inch.

battlefield after 张安涛 free hand in northern Burma, Xue Hao simple recall twenty digitized Army together with sudden just empty ZhengXun good fifteenth digitized Army Air sudden transfer to Yuelu students together, while the Navy Commander Zhao is also the newly established Sixth Marine Division to Yuelu Health temper. Yuelu born almost a bugger in the British military, began to West Nusa Tenggara Lombok attack.

When Hang satisfied and Michelle return in triumph at the vanguard of Kupang in Louis Vuitton Outlet West Timor, Hong Kong, the end of the troops still in the capital city of Denpasar, Bali Province. In fact, the British military retreat as it is an attack, because each unit must overcome the advantages of the People’s Liberation Army helicopter unit, kill your way west, with each point of the island collusion with anti-aircraft missiles for self-defense forces to join. Road retracement of the United States Marine Corps, together with a small number of British commandos, had to fire in the PLA creeping, climbing, attack, struggling Duolu. They riding ring mines, destroy barricades, repel the attack scattered on both sides of the road, captured along the hills, with the People’s Liberation Army scout struggle to make the PLA digital artillery troop withdrawal along the way can not concentrating. East Timor to take off from the United States Marine Corps and Air Force aviation regardless of sacrifice, continue to give them close air support and air-dropped supplies the necessary supplies. Each island airstrip only to meet the more than thousands of wounded personnel were flown to a safe place, the majority of the troops can only build a temporary pier ferry boat to the next island on the beach.

due to some unwritten China and Australia and New Zealand reached agreement allows Louis Vuitton Outlet U.S. troops in East Timor’s Liberation Army Air Force airport to avoid the attack, so that the U.S. air force was in the Lesser Sunda Islands, enjoy “special sanctuary”, otherwise, the British retreat U.S. troops will be much more tragic situation. Hands and feet bound by the attacking forces Yuelu life make use of “Que a circumference of three imaginary stay way out” tactics, under the British military Kunshouyoudou avoid the situation, the maximum destroy the enemy’s effective strength.

10 31, the last batch of U.S. troops across the border of East and West Timor between fled Manatuto.

fifth digitization across the PLA Army has occupied the empty sudden West Timor border town of Atambua, closed the border. Large withdrawal only ten days rescued fifteen thousand British and American soldiers scarred, but the loss of more than four hundred aircraft nearly one million tons of various aircraft and ships, can be said to outweigh the benefits. American politics is the biggest loss in the face of its credit bankruptcy Asian allies. Philippine President

ancient Ingo that and the U.S. ambassador spoke about it. “You Americans are fighting to support Indonesia, China, is you pull it joined the coalition, is that you provoke the massacre of Chinese Indonesians.” Ingo ancient narrative of that, “Maybe you are wrong from the outset, perhaps you should never pull It joined the coalition, but the fact is that since you do, they should support Indonesia in the end, but to the apocalyptic, and you suddenly ran himself first, the son threw rotten Beach Indonesians. ”

“You know from your retreat where we Asians got what lessons do that is, when the Americans friend is a very dangerous thing;? doing more than the Americans might be able to get an intermediary point advantage; Even when Americans the enemy may be more favorable. trust like the same life, once lost, is hard to recover. ” Philippine President

Ingo ancient words that did that was wrong, Yuelu born soon after Indonesia’s Maluku province won his fourth digital projection Army Airborne Air Control of Paddy Mora airport capital Ambon City , separatists and India 尼伊 Lee province “Free Papua Movement” use the opportunity lost contact with the Indonesian central government, the declaration of independence covert support troops in Australia, the “Morning Star” flag suddenly flying around Ilion. Java island completely become a ……

cold heart of the ancient Ingo President announced that the Philippines withdraw from the coalition, and China will be a negotiated solution to the issue of Nansha. Philippine troops have turned their guns to the United States 42nd Infantry Division to escort the country. Chinese government spokesman welcomed the change in the Philippines.

on July 15 Chinese aircraft carrier task forces in the Persian Gulf before the American public is still very supportive of the war policy of the Chinese government, although the U.S. military casualties of the war and the media increasingly negative talk. But after China announced an oil embargo, a number of polls show that about two-thirds of Americans tend to hold the middle ground on the war. ABC News hosted Pitt. Jennings concluded:. “War on the United States, the country that currently only be ‘consistent’ is ─ ─ decent American people want to end the war but in this ‘consistent’ outside, differences of opinion of the American people has become increasingly large, some people in favor of the war effort to shorten the course of the war, some people in favor of negotiations rather than take the risk of expanding the war. “But Pitt. Jennings final conclusion is: “If there is some kind of domestic public opinion tendencies, then it is a military solution to the current situation of this disturbing retreat, then peace negotiations.”

fade as the U.S. military in Southeast Asia, in favor of “either fight or retreat” More and more people seem to view it.

American folk pressures require us ─ ─ ─ ─ full-scale war or retreat to the November 14 Washington thirty million people march culminated weekend. President Toledo held a National Security Council, Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Lord Xihuoqisi report said: “The shortage of funds has led to anti-ballistic missile systems and anti-aircraft carrier USS missile into active duty for longer than necessary, before the expansion of the war is not good . opportunity, “Secretary of State Colin White 茜夫 also chimed in:” The preparations for war in Japan, and India has not fully met, needs time to persuade them to war. ” After

so everyone finished cited adverse factors, Toledo presidential decision: “Many people accuse us of forcing the U.S. military to fight with one hand behind his back, he asked us to lift all restraints on the U.S. military, however, we believe. There are an unlimited number of Chinese nuclear war era, will make our country and the world in a very great danger. Anyway, France and China’s aggression must be stopped, but we have to unite all forces to succeed. time is undoubtedly standing democracy country side, in front of us to negotiate lower profile might delay the time, had to do with the blood of a cold-blooded attitude thing. ”

After that, I do not know where to get the message from heads of state, presidents, kings, prime ministers, ministers and other dignitaries, invariably carries varied, one after another initiative or program, the shuttle running between Beijing and Washington, called on both sides to seek it virtually non-existent “peace.”

12 6, while the world’s news media are aimed at the Intercontinental Hotel in Geneva, Switzerland capital ─ ─ situated in the hills of Lake Geneva luxury elegant building ─ ─ solemnly, China chief representative of the Secretary-General Lee with a smile Secretary of State White Xifu first round of negotiations was held here. Focus on both sides quickly focused on two issues: China demanded that the U.S. withdraw its troops from Australia, the United States asked China to lift the oil embargo. The first round of talks broke up.

second round of talks in three days after the U.S. release of sixty unexpectedly raised tens of thousands of Chinese detainees in exchange for China to lift the oil embargo. Clearly China’s desire for a variety of higher personnel is also no less than U.S. thirst for oil, after the two sides reached some bargaining exchange ratio and the number of gallons of oil. After the outcome of the negotiations between the two sides showed a lack of good available, but due to the return of both the Chinese and the time required for transporting oil, this state of no war, no sides so dragged down.

Indonesian government is ignoring the large number of dead because of hunger citizens refused unconditional surrender, the Chinese Government is reluctant to put their soldiers’ lives wasted in this island has no strategic significance, the PLA command to Louis Vuitton Outlet continue the blockade. The Indonesian government hopes that those Islamic Middle East

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Dorsal northward into the enemy. Weng has become the enemy of the turtle, you can withdraw Louis Vuitton Outlet into the mountains in the Ministry, as long as the twelfth Meeting with digital division hold ridge beside the road, can not get through the enemy lines of communication rendezvous. ”

Wei Long roared: “Do not Never commander, I assure you, bitch kinds of fifteen army never lost when you face me fifteen military to fight this feeling, to suppress the enemy’s arrogance!!!!”

long last sentence touched Wei Xue Hao Jane, he said emotionally:!.. “well I agree you Louis Vuitton Outlet do not have to stick to let the dead soldiers can stay on the position to take the initiative to fight the enemy infantry, a few tanks crossed the line of defense is no big deal to tell soldiers who ‘quitting brave victory’, so that it becomes a Major Kra Isthmus second! ”

large LCD screen suddenly goes dark, Young ran leisurely opportunity to switch the screen to cover up some redness of the eyes. Air operations officer came running excitedly report said:. “Heads, experts say the latest images showed heavy rain will stop for half an hour or so.”

“Air Force immediately take off!” Xue Hao Jane brief command.

drastic changes on the battlefield at the moment, the U.S. 1st Cavalry Division in the back of dozens of vehicles M1A4 tanks suddenly after ass shot, then came the detonation of the tank overturned. More than three vehicles 98C type PLA tanks poured from the mountains, powerful 125 mm caliber cannon kept braved the flames. Behind them are more numerous armored vehicles and infantry on foot. That is what the long-awaited fifteenth Airborne Corps Armored Division XII and 63 Infantry Division, half of them small tanks and armored vehicles have been lost in all the way to the valley.

“enemy tanks appeared behind us, we are surrounded!” This sentence is like a plague quickly spread to the northward coalition reinforcements. Enemy confusion, point to a different tank huddle, aimlessly open fire, soldiers organizational chaos, like headless flies scurrying around.

shelter a few days of the heavens coalition also adding insult to injury to sunny face, coated with “17 August” aircraft and helicopters flags immediately covered shy sun, the enemy collapsed ……

Kra Isthmus of four days and four nights of the end of the war, the United States’ first team, “1st Cavalry Division,” Ivy League “4th Infantry Division and Malaysian armored regiment was wiped out, the U.S. 10th Mountain Division and the British 1st Armoured Brigade was hit, the coalition has been on the Indochina Peninsula to the brink of destruction.

Liu Weiping in his diary depicting the battle is this: “…… along the highway leading to Bangkok, a long column of U.S. troops are traveling back and they thought that our troops are now being slowly in the West Bank Mountain move it. Suddenly, like a clap of thunder, from the west in front of them ─ ─ We pioneer with a few tanks and armored vehicles just across the mountains close to them in the pouring rain! coastal road on both sides of the ocean is not deep groove U.S. convoys going to attempt to escape bankruptcy, less than half an hour, they were reminders ruined our soldiers seized hundreds of trucks, we do seem impossible ─ ─ overcome all obstacles, through the labyrinth of the mountains, across the Central Mountain Range slippery black mountain, just in the U.S. think they are finally safe when they burst into the flank directly.

Then we tanks rolling into the north at full speed, continuous spray guns with armor-piercing bullets and flames. In our armored forces behind the infantry fighting vehicles, a variety of armored vehicles, self-propelled artillery and anti-aircraft guns on their own troops.

our American and British forces was sniper fire, artillery shells and bullets whistling over our heads passing, artillery and vehicles burning black smoke cover of this hellish battlefield. Some tanks were hit, but most continued into desperately to shock the enemy. When the back of the armored vehicle on a hard, bumpy wet gravel road, dense bullet shot to keep them.

U.S. and British troops began the east and the southeast coast of the run, we stopped in a hurry to escape the US-British military tanks, armored vehicles, trucks and artillery own. Then the army’s armored forces in these vehicles were wanton rampage, violent attack. U.S. and British military officers, soldiers, drivers, computer programmers, password cryptographer, machinists, and war correspondent, in extreme panic in his own full responsibility thrown out the window.

the fighting ended, the road is lined with tanks and armored vehicles around the wreckage, I saw a long flame sprayed out from every point of impact, the cockpit shells and machine gun bullets started to explode until the entire case appears to regret in the expansion and roll up, molten metal alloy composite armor river shining, like tears flowing outward from the dead general turrets, condensed into a hard useless metal mirror in the sand along the road, followed by rubber and oil also played a fire , like a column of smoke from the funeral of combustion in a spiral of terror rises around the wreckage of tanks lying Yaki into its members’ corpses, some seem to just go to sleep, some are no head, no legs, or has been burned was charred. The bodies so that each one tank commander conscience suffering torture.

dusk, when the flame burning tanks gradually extinguished, wearing a Red Cross armband medics and nurses were busy from one another wreck wreckage came to take care of the wounded to alleviate the suffering of death, I finally understand what is called the war cruel. ”

In the first phase “Speed ​​Storm”, fifty-fourth and the U.S. Army just a battle, attack on the U.S. 101st Air Assault Division Headquarters. Then they scored only Luo Village, surround and annihilate the Thai Army’s most elite black tiger beauty mechanized division, while wins soldiers to war without blood lead edge of the ancient city of Chiang Mai, Thailand, the rest of the light in the mountains of the transport of heavy equipment. See Thirteenth Army equipment lousy 101 empty sudden almost annihilated America division, not convinced, hold the shares as early strength. The evening of September 26, 11:06, the fighting broke out, he surges south along the railroad Chiang Man, to 27 noon, the Thai army has wiped out the first army and known as “Tropical Lightning,” the U.S. 25th Light Infantry Division semi-division troops, could not wait to start competing with the thirty-eighth Army contest in Bangkok. Twenty-army annihilated in Vientiane most of the French overseas Corps, also not to stay in Danang and Cam Ranh Bay in central Vietnam embarked.

machine power is not strong Thirteenth Army responsible fill the huge gap between the fifty-fourth and twenty army, and Xue Hao Jane except that it does not explicitly protect the logistical and other tasks outside, but it has a lot of freedom. Thirteenth Army commander Yuelu students see along the fifty-fourth Army Bangkok after advancing for less than what water fishing, not to mention the other side there is a “Long live the army”, as soon as the mountains into the plains of northern Thailand, they own, the whole military force strong force together from west to east tangential plains east Thailand, the rest of the army chief of staff led by the former refers to plans by the Army and transit cover fifty-fourth of the army. This outrageous action received an unexpected effect, surrounded by European Corps. Yuelu born very happy, although he “wipe out” the army is the largest nationality, the Italian brigade, two, more than 30,000 Dutch group, the Belgian group, Luxembourg camp, camp in Norway, Denmark and Germany battalion logistics group, but they are they lay down their arms without firing a shot. I heard that they did to the Chinese government declared war,Louis Vuitton Outlet they were ordered to surrender. Yuelu students do not understand, you do not go to war traveled here to see what fun, do not want to be Bethune. Just looking for a few prisoners, “regaling” there Xue Hao Jane’s phone will come to him unharmed to the theater headquarters of the prisoners, told him the words Kwok hair, ‘If the mountain monkey Louis Vuitton Outlet monkey play any tricks, they exiled to the northeast frontier guard. ‘As devices? Commissioner General Armament Department, who let him handle.

Yuelu Health sent a shiver quickly escorted his partner Lu political commissar of the gang of “hot potato” hit the road. Yuelu batch of equipment allows students eyes shine, more than three hundred fifty vehicles “Leopard Ⅱ” tanks, M113 armored personnel vehicles over three hundred, one hundred guns of various calibres, twelve “ferret” type CBRN detection vehicles and dozens of helicopters. Yuelu born very generous for a Major General Armament Department, said: “twelve ‘ferret’ rat yours, and the rest gave me leave.”

“No! unless you shoot me.” Major insatiable apparently got Yuelu born “bandits” gas. “Gotta leave me half of it? You know those guys my dream armored brigade are seeking renewal of equipment.”

Yuelu students not hard to see, casual pathetic.

that Maj. very generous attempts: “can leave you three hundred ‘Leopard Ⅱ’ tanks, M113 armored vehicle three hundred, fifty cannon installed but not replaced you that I’m afraid to get armored brigade does not turn, teach. you a good stay in the rear of the theater one day a basket of those guys Blues Qingzhan book, referring to the fax machine before the Hearing worn out, one way or another they do both. ”

Yuelu Health ghost laughed: “You got them a lot of benefits, right?” between

joke, a duty staff hurried to report: “Twenty missing is a whole army brigade has 108 ‘Leclerc’ tanks, five hours before it finally appeared in Luang Prabang Laos and Central, but that After it since anyone find traces of it. ”

Yuelu Health Lianqi smile, smoothly switching the LCD screen, bring up regional research topographic map of Vientiane, a quiet command. After about five minutes, before the opening of the Yuelu Health staff on duty, said:. “Sudden you get an empty camp sent several helicopters along the Mekong sub-reconnaissance, see there is no suspicious fleet”

and another staff said: “! behind you to collect more diesel aircraft shipped over, and then quietly told those guys Shaoshang Blues battle to fight them.”

staff who immediately began to call. Yuelu students and the rest of the headquarters joking: “It is enough for twenty army buddy, leaving a fat fifty-four army did not leave Big Brother a little soup, but also let us cover the flank, cold greedy we die.! ”

an hour later, duty staff report said: “The Fourteenth digital division Scouts in central Thailand Nakhon power found 108 ‘Leclerc’ tanks, but we’re afraid naught.”

staff on duty Yuelu students stared at, asked: “? 108, a lot.”

duty staff sure to say: “a lot!”

Yuelu students asked: “What river reconnaissance discovered?”

duty staff replied: “They found a large fleet, not far upstream in Vientiane, is now staring at it, you do not check to find out?”

Yuelu students looked at the map, figured, smiled and said:. “appears to be the fleet,” See you puzzled, he went on to say:. “chronological calculation, French armored brigade is to power problems got uh It lies in the 108. opened more than four hundred kilometers, one did not lie nest, better luck in the lottery, devil letter! Our faction aircraft here, where he will appear tank. it must be fake tanks, fourteenth digital division is retold, and in the end better than the old twelve. ”

Zhongjie suddenly.

Yuelu born to blush staff on duty, said: “We played a show guys believe river safety law, we let them feel at ease sending aircraft to bomb look fake tanks, then shelled about; let a little helicopter stare back. ; told Vientiane checkpoints open eyes closed eyes, do not be too serious; in Vientiane downstream over thirty kilometers, choose a place where hands-on ambush waiting for them to get there, the days have large black, beating them by surprise ! ”

soldiers when covered in wet sand touch on the large-scale conversion of tank vessels transport boats, the French Foreign Legion armored brigade of soldiers are asleep, the result did not put a shot, Yuelu students obtained 108 and close at hand ‘Leclerc’ tanks, but the insatiable assembly correspondent who also took away half.

seized coalition have made distribution equipment, tanks and armored vehicles also re-sprayed the PLA flag ─ ─ “17 August” and the five-pointed star badge, and other forces are much different from a jungle Tigers saved pattern. Theater Blues captain Mengru Hu brigade under the leadership of Colonel, less than half the time came, said nothing and thirteenth Army armored brigade soldiers together a pre-war training began nervously. Yuelu students watched a training session on Mengru Hu suddenly feeling of Brief Encounter, immediately appointed Mengru Hu as his nondescript “Thai East armored group” Commander, let the original armored brigade as chief of staff. Lu political commissar of the captives back while stocks found nothing wrong with persuasion and education for a long time, Yuelu This gave birth Xue Hao Jane hung up the phone: “Theater Blues brigade was I incorporated the …… you can not put the oil gave the others ……” Xue Hao Jane on Yuelu students still dealing with the behavior of angry and funny: “the decision in the matter when the theater …… Thirteenth Army became reload army ……”

Xue Hao Jane finally comforted:. “I can reissue the command to let the theater Blues brigade fought, but returned after the war to build the size of your town if you want to attack Ketai East, the whole theater to give you enough oil on the Indochina Peninsula now U.S. Xiang Liu, do you think they are most likely from somewhere on board. ”

Yuelu students got off the phone after the accident quiet, so that is attacking central Thailand city of Nakhon reactive forces continue to monitor the outside in addition to leaving a majority withdrawn. Rare military conference opened above the regiment, and after Xue Hao Jane and exchange views, just let the troops secret departure, but let camouflage army troops manufacturing situ rest of illusion. His “Tai Tung armored group” learning French boat, the remaining troops clip Mekong south, all the way to the size of the town Qiuhaowufan, quietly came to Thailand Vietnam Cambodia ambush down the tri-border region.

10 3, Xue Hao Kan issued guidance commands, ordered ministries must not attack strongly fortified city with armored and mechanized units.

10 4, the siege of Bangkok areas thirty-eighth, before fifty-four army surrounded compliance means an order to take a three-Que tactics get out of the East; scored Hanoi, Da Nang and Cam Ranh Bay and destroy the main army and U.S. Navy I am a Marine Corps sixth Mengjin to Ho Chi Minh City. Thai army fully adhere to the main capital, the army also gathered on the outskirts of Ho Chi Minh residual repair official. On the same day, downtrodden Chinese uprising in West Malaysia, I XII digital division, Twelfth Armored Division and 63 Infantry Division took the opportunity to liberate Kuala Lumpur and Penang, Malaysia occupied the entire West.

this region the United States, the British troops to withdraw to the Indonesian island of Sumatra, the Malaysian government desperate to flee East Malaysia Borneo.

past few days, the coalition commander in Bangkok Clark will always remember his idol Mike MacArthur, he grew to admire the indomitable spirit of Mike Arthur, the great five-star general is not the beginning of the Pacific War in the Philippines are full military destruction, but in the end still hit Japan. He did not want to re-trace MacArthur complex nature, must take the rest of the U.S. troops to withdraw completely, he swore. A few days ago, have come to assist, “Nibi Zi” and “JFK” two aircraft carriers of the U.S. Navy 7th Fleet Task Force 73 from Yokosuka, Japan, and the Philippines, Subic starting close to South East Malaysia China Sea surface. Now’s your chance finally came, Chinese troops were pinned in the Malay Peninsula, Bangkok and three Mekong Delta, Cambodia temporarily so is safe. Clark immediately ordered: Bangkok beauty 1st Armored Division, 25th Light Infantry Division and units directly under the headquarters of the United States and the Saigon 1st Marine Division and the 42nd Infantry Division would unnecessarily heavy equipment transferred to the local garrison, ministries at full speed to Cambodia Port of Sihanoukville turn into, before departure without having to inform the local government and so on ……


Chapter VIII of the initial truce

10 7:00 evening of May 5, the U.S. Navy’s 7th Fleet Task Force 73, and a large group of merchant ships to exercise caution in the waters near the South China Sea, East Malaysia. Through the analysis of the 7th Fleet Task Force 75 reasons for failure of the U.S. Navy warship found strike into the main terminal guidance of Chinese ballistic missiles are passive, is that 12 J11F control, of course, does not rule out the possibility submarines. So the first 73 task forces to strengthen the fleet of four hundred kilometers of the surrounding waters and airspace control, do not let any suspicious aircraft and warships near. From the outside also strengthened early warning satellites and interfere with the use of the latest technology over the fleet Chinese radar and satellites, and sure enough, bon voyage.

moment, Xue Hao Jane positive Joint Command and Space Commander money Louis Vuitton Outlet cold

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Run more than an hour, could see the distant pavilion Bo on the White Deer. You can sit on the stoop Bo Louis Vuitton Outlet peep booths under DU. Usual safari, they gang midway rest, will choose Bo pavilion furnished tent account, while drinking, while overlooking the beautiful views of the White Deer looked under distant Zhongnanshan piece of bamboo like Irene, enveloped at the end of the day This is their most admired attraction. But this time, Louis Vuitton Outlet they gallop on White Deer, but did not would be extremely temporary high-spirited mood, is full of anti-Aiku.

their car in front of a boarded Bo pavilion terrace, two leather car suddenly found hidden among the vegetation, several people were sitting on the terrace to rest. Liu According heart sank, until see clearly, before long sigh, exclaimed, Shen Wu Jun, how do you here, will not be offering work I went to catch the strike.

Xiaowu somber authentic, I came here a long time waiting for a prince.

next to the remnants of several guards looked at each other, Prince, although only five small arms around the man, a woman. But they really are exhausted, did not want to fight. Moreover, small arms around the Qiuran Han looks quite robust, he really did not want to destroy much chance of winning.

Liu According Road, Shen Jun Do I really want to go back and capture by the reward, we have worked with. The emperor will not let you.

Kuo Po Hu could not interjected, Prince misunderstood, not our Fu Jun save you, you are not even all of Chang’an City.

surprised to say, according to Liu, is Shen Jun saved me? He took down his head, yes, I went to the gate of the city, but also that not out of town, but even without those soldiers fighting gatekeepers, just a few imaginary should run, to let us have a chance to cut the door shut out. This in the end is how is it?

Shen Budo, I just persuade Tian Ren porter and violent victory. I told him that I had mastered Liu Yong Qu  believers? Evidence of collusion Wang Changyi charge of treason. If this put a crown prince, the future has given repay. He looked at my evidence, and she agreed. Monkey Prince Edward gave them hope, I have the ability to do anything. It is filled with authentic

Liu, Shen Jun really elderly, active not home. By this time, I am also willing to rescue the dead person. Alas, I regret did not listen to your advice, if any security beheaded, claiming his perplexity, maybe it is not so today.

This is because too much generosity of His Royal Highness Prince Edward, Xiao Wu Road, God, if not to the King, Prince, Han’s really unfortunate. Ren Shoushuliangduan this person, get smart, that does not help the Prince can protect themselves. But in my opinion, in accordance with the emperor always temper and acts, will hate him ambidextrous, sentenced him to cut.

really smart to be smart, according to Tao Liu, Shen Jun guessed right, he did have such a fate. Well, I later regret, sent for Shen Jun, said had left. I do not know how Shen Jun know I went from South Gate, South Gate guards and how to know Tian Ren. Really puzzled.


Shen Wu sighed, this is an act of God to save the prince. A few days before his mind reminiscent of something, it can not help but scared. He did not expect to leave the Prince’s army into the city, the city has a comprehensive martial law. Eight soldiers Chang’an Street in the river led to donate, tight blockade of the road, no one was allowed in free trail ride. Although he already knew from the plate Xi Lu Bu Ren Nakata guard cover Ang door, but not near. If it is Jin nurturing suddenly appeared, he may have to starve the city.

Jin nurturing trusted servants ran King join with the government when the lamp is trying to come Xiaowu good policy, considering how close to Tian Ren, in order to persuade him with interest. Dark Chang’an town, always came Mingdi voice, apparently occasionally fighting. He knows time is very tight three or four days in the past, the Prince’s army has consumed almost, I do not know whether you can also support two nights. Once Liu Qu  oil SAGE? Control of the situation, the day will surely ropes city, the Prince if he caught a few cronies, we will be able to participate in the Prince found himself rebellion, when he is only a dead end. But he thought a lot of ways, have been one overthrow. This is too hard. His desk is almost desperate anxiety when? Princess heard the door open, and a familiar figure came. Xiaowu almost did not stunned, this is figure is a woman, but turned out to be Jin nurturing.

My God, how did you find here. Xiao Wu subconsciously cried, filling the country -

not called, Jin said softly nurturing, I told Dangun, I’m here to help you. Not that he did not fulfill. I know you definitely here, I had to come, because God told me somewhere, I was finally able to fight again to save your chance …… this I waited too long.

Xiaowu dropped his gaze, Yi Jun, in fact, you already have too much care Wu, Wu unfortunately very ashamed, no longer reported. Also …… Jiugu also kill you.

Do not call me Yap Kwan Jin nurturing road, I do not like you to call me, you can not call me a nurturing it? Like your wife is so called intimacy. No, you do not refuse, I know you do not like me, your wife a thousand times stronger than me. But I still think you call me, I beg you, I hope this is not a luxury for me.

Xiaowu helpless, and Yap monarch, had not I do not receive your feelings, it is there are difficulties. As Jiang Chong, and I have a blood feud, and I do not kill him, the dead can not rest in peace. Yap Kwan noble beauty, Wu Mu has been deep, but unfortunately the number is not even martial life, incompetence climb, resulting in numerous live up to Yap Kwan kind, it is endless guilt. Only after the death of grass title rings reported.

alas, are destiny, Jin nurturing sitting opposite her, sad to say, you really refuse to call my name? Even called one, just one.

Xiao Wu raised his head, wearing a pale blue Jin nurturing dark clothing, white face, tears in her eyes, a kind of indescribable pathetic pathos. He remembered when he was in the wedding blessings, sad smile a little, said, nurturing, Wu is ominous people, often to hurt others. Jiang Gongzai husband and his father so different, in fact, a good fit with you more.

Jin nurturing heard this, eyes free, muttered Yin: Jiri make Chen, been good with knot; King Galway instrument, Su-Shen Stewart; couple long bao, the Hu Fu Wing!

Yin Xiao Wu knew her own in her congratulatory message to the banquet of wine, I do not know her intentions, trying to explain something, Jin suddenly lift sleeve wiped tears nurturing strong a smile and said, you are finally willing to call I heard nurturing it! The reason I say what a good fit …… donate the river would marry, but also because of you! Unfortunately, I ultimately did not help you a favor. Jiuyan had heard on your marriage He resigned …… my heart, but what a sad, alas …… yourself too talented, every time his own acquittal, they can even win the game, and finally killed my husband Arafat . However, Louis Vuitton Outlet this time you may have to help my friends. She finished this sentence, his face appeared out of touch even pride.

Xiaowu know how to answer, just stared at her.

Jin nurturing nor avoided her eyes, eyes full of tempting tenderness, I call you brother Wu strike, although I a year older than you. Wu brother, you now only escape, and fell channeling folk waiting amnesty. Well, sometimes I also wonder why I always run away when you come to bid farewell.

Xiaowu face a little fever, said, because weapons useless, but to always be a lost dog.

Jin nurturing Road, Wu brother, why should you be shy, you can DPRK known to everybody, my father and brother are a few of your sincere admiration. But it seems you’re a little talent without life nothing …… Way back in the original Yu Zhang County rescued scenes you really feeling …… I did not expect the girl to become your future wife – Had I have the ability to save you, the how good. That instead of her …… perhaps replace her on me. But she was really beautiful, where as much as I was with her. Otherwise, it is like her dead, willingly.

Xiaowu little embarrassed, Jin nurturing implication is that if she can save him, then became his wife Liu would not have, but she Jin nurturing it. Big hearts are touched, Shen Wu actually did not think I was considered a debt of gratitude to the body only people who really absurd. He secretly ashamed, sighed, people inherent in a death, the last thing, you do not mention. Wu Tiansheng ominous, hurt many people carry on, I’m afraid these students can not repay.

Jin nurturing Road, well, not to mention those, now Chang’an door closed, Pa gates of my husband Louis Vuitton Outlet a few cronies guard, Shen Jun dark after pretending to hijack me, my husband would then parading in Wara Street, he scruples my safety, must dare to command his soldiers to attack. You can make a right turn along Wara Street, in the dark, Chi Wang Pa gates to blackmail me, ordered me to put your husband out of the city. Out of Chang’an, you Quan Chi Ben dove in Lake County went to my brother’s friend Jingzhao heroes Du Dion, this one is a rather own suicide, it will not betray a friend’s elderly. You hid his home waiting for an opportunity, will wait until the day of the amnesty. Yes, this is my brother’s handwriting, you give him, he will understand. Then, Jin Xiao Wu a nurturing handed embroidered pouch.

Xiao Wu Xin Xiada is moving, busy, this is definitely not. Wu would rather die, nor can hijack a person’s wife, acting in front of him.

Jin nurturing approach to suddenly grabbed his sleeve, gently Road, Wu brother, you look down on me, and finally refused to give me a chance to save you what? Moreover, in order to help the Prince, you should listen to me. Do you prefer to see the right words strontium Liu Qu   add sparkle arrogant it? Even if you do not care, you always bear to see a few people, accompanied by his death around me, and I just heard that Prince remnants eliminate things tonight, tomorrow, once the ropes, you can fly winged not Chang’an city.

Xiaowu slumped down, apparently Jin nurturing words sentence reasonable. If the proposal rejected Jin nurturing themselves Sibuzuxi, infants get into trouble together, Guo Po Hu, Tan filling the country will die. Moreover, there are abandoned slaves, he could bear to look at his soldiers caught and raped her abuse it? He spent a long while, suddenly stood up, Jian sword chop off the front. Flaring mouth the word, all right.


these after Prince Xiao Wu did not say that he adopted a proposal Jin nurturing, but suddenly thought, it is better to count on the meter, do not go out from the tyrants gates, but folded into the Xi Yin Street, Chi Ben Ang covered doors, to persuade Tian Ren If Prince Ang door to escape from the cover, you let go of the Prince, he knew the Prince will go from here, because the next Du county where the nearest, most convenient, under Du Prince Edward County is the most loving, the most familiar place, Prince some will think that is the best place to hide themselves. Really nothing wrong with his prediction.

His Royal Highness Prince Edward, Xiaowu Road safety is not under DU, we still go to Lake County strike.

formerly Hu County, Lake County, according to Ding Hu Shan Right, Left Pro Yellow River. The terrain is very prominent, known as the peach plug from the Yellow River flows through the mountains, deep valleys, above the clouds form, insurance can not climb. Lin Wood deep mountains, day to faint, has always been hiding desperate fairyland. Ding Hu Shan formerly Jingshan, according to legend Huangdi was here ZD alchemy, immortal, there is of Huanglong from heaven, carrying Huangdi Fei liters. The ministers reluctant to leave the Yellow Emperor Huangdi, also followed him to climb on the dragon’s back, Huanglong Cheng can not stand too many people rush soaring, and the rest did not climb wulongbei courtiers to seize the dragon submandibular long beard, Because their body is too heavy, beard a root with their bodies fall, they had to kneel on the ground, wail of heaven. Because of this, put Jingshan renamed Ding Hu Shan. Counties Ding Hu Shan Hu called the county next to the original, then the court because of hatred barbarian Huns, that ugly word Hu, was renamed the lake. Dove Springs Lane on the edge of Lake County, the rugged road, there are strip originated Ding Hu Quan dove Jianshui foothills surrounding the entire inside. This in more remote, almost no rich, Du Weng be in this good of a little family. He was also a rich man, simply because good always anxious Xia Yi, Shu Guang money, go home before becoming impoverished. However, although poor, throughout all Jingzhao promote his reputation, both in order to get to know him toward Tinggong Qing proud, often taking advantage of off-Mu officials from the car to visit Chi Chang. Every holiday season, mostly elderly people outside his rut, near the envy of all the people. Jin Jin do not worry nurturing elder brother and he has a good friendship. Weng saw Jin Du not worry handwritten, and Liu Xiaowu immediately lead to a dozen people, according to their own backyard. Lush backyard was obscured by trees and wormwood, Du Dion bowed salute, cold dilapidated house, please His Royal Highness Prince Edward, and Chenjun Hai Han. It looked and looked

Liu, exclaimed, Du Jun renowned the world over, the home could be so cold. Fortunately, if invited days, so I have a chance to re sure to tens of thousands of gold as Du Junshou.

Du Weng face downcast, unhappy to say that I pity Prince innocent only, Qi Wang repay? If the return to the Prince of wealth, hope thick case the common people, the less Weng misfortune. Otherwise, Weng died less insufficient off infamy.

Xiaowu busy road, do not misunderstand Du Jun, Prince has always been compassionate, but follow the “no virtue not reported,” the ancient meaning of it, Meiko Palace home that day, nor once rich and impressive, not to mention today.

Liu According ashamed Road, Shen Jun said, in my heart, Du Jun forgive me.

Du Dion nodded, I know Prince mind. Please listen to a word of Prince Edward Robinson, both came to the minister office, on the minister to follow the arrangements do not go out. Daily bread and water, fed by the interactive advertisement. Weng Bucai less on weekdays there are several great friend, and they will discuss, look for opportunities to petition the emperor, Prince identified as injustice. However, Chendeng always vulgar, I wonder if there could be around Prince Wen of disabilities, the emperor of his life is quite good arts, playing deep sad and moving book, if written, you can do more with less.

Liu According looked around the crowd, watching Xiao Wu, Shen Jun heard so much good pen knife, and fine Confucianism, unusual Suli comparable. Substitute dare ask Shen Jun, Shen Jun might deigned know?

Xiaowu pondered a moment and said, since there is life Prince, Wu dare not from?

Du Weng Hei Road, well, ready to be played Wen Shen Jun, I’ll give my friend a few. No news must not go out, make sure to remember.

Prince Edward Road, certainly.

this day they hide in Du backyard, I do not know how many overnight. They know Du Dion had come down, suddenly home to so many people, you need to supply food, will be more stretched. In this poor embarrassed circumstances, if longer the delay, the more there are more variables. Fortunately, however, after ten days, Du Dion came to the backyard, has brought good news, he laughed and said that Liu, Chen Ji entrusted huguan old Mr. Ru long letter, identified as Prince injustice. The emperor seems quite sentiment.

Liu According overjoyed hoot? I really thank the Du Jun.

Du Weng pleased Road, yes ah. Adopted by Chenjun Wen also striking, otherwise it may not be so easy emperor was impressed.

According to Liu Tao, really want to thank Shen Jun, Zhennai lords of talent. Shen Jun a finished, I attended a few times, very moving. Unexpectedly Shen Jun young, so for human glance. Like that, “it is not the father of the child is not the father of the child, the king is not the king the minister not minister, although millet, I Qide and eat all?” It was the essence of Confucianism, I thought I grew mastery “Ram”, ” Gu Liang, “two classics, but it is better to see a few people Shen Jun fameng.

Du Dion laughed, Shen Jun elaborate product marketing bone destruction, Zhongkoushuojin some really a sing three sigh. Robinson day recite the past few days, are overripe in the chest. He said mouth Yin said: “Formerly Shun, filial matter to it, rather than the blind old man in; Hyo has been, Birch discharge, procreatrix, father and son suspected plot  е whichever also born?.??. In view of this, no filial son, but the father has not observed. Han Di heir Prince today, 承万世 the industry, heavy body ancestors, the pro is the eldest son of the emperor also. Jiang Chong, commoner people, Lu Yan’s scribe Robinson ear; Majesty obvious and use it, the title of supreme life force kick to the crown prince, made ornaments treacherous, 群邪 wrong Bartholomew, is a relative of the road across the plug rather than pass into the Prince shall not pictured above, back then trapped in the chaos minister. , the only injustice knot without advertising, bear indignant heart, kill charge from fear fugitive, Pirates of the parent child soldiers to rescue from the free ear Robinson humbly believe innocent heart “Poetry”, saying:! ‘camp bluebottle, beyond the fan. Kai Ti gentleman, no Louis Vuitton Outlet letter calumny. calumny indiscriminately pole, post chaos Shikoku. ‘to

Louis Vuitton Outlet Uk – 16th Norwich Sea Scouts

Son, absolutely pass, when the censor would dismiss edict Tingyi. Does he want to force contradict the views of Louis Vuitton Outlet ministers, which is branded as the king of the world is no way yet? This is my helping him, Jiang Chong said, the tone began to shake up, although I dare say, he should be grateful to me, but I only ever fool. If you let him know his mind, I guess, we will not have life.

the river stared donate to help the emperor, the day, the emperor but also people to help?

right, Jiang Chong Road, the emperor also, he has his own weaknesses. Well, do not talk about that, Louis Vuitton Outlet I have sent letters to send Roads from two Oasis. A walk Weicheng, a walk years. Walking Weicheng station transmits only the ordinary instruments; go years relay is an important instrument of the incident. It has always been timid though expect Liu, who did not dare to send people to plunder Post. However, we can not count on his auxiliary genus are so honest. Oasis Palace within the past few days when there are messages, hope can be awarded under the emperor Charms, Chi Wai send troops Meiko Palace. But the message must not be allowed to know, according to Liu, otherwise this point alone, the strength of my hands now, only his Meiko Palace Weizu, I could not have made. Can not let him cornered. I have sent monitors Meiko Palace, what they see action.

Well, Arafat, you always have your truth did. However, after removing the crown prince, Prince Arafat Who wants to support it?

Jiang Chong Road, I’m actually not interested in that tube, in fact, when the Prince who will do, as long as not, according to Liu. But the prime minister and the generals want to support Er Shi Wang Changyi, I see only him suitable. Now I’m very good relationship with them, plus there are backers of power, the future one million Hou Feng strike should be no problem.

river donate the pale, Arafat Is convinced himself and the prime minister, Er Shi generals can hoodwink, just wanted to support who, it must be it.

Jiang Chong unhappy to say that you look unpromising way, I really Wang Wei Jiang Chong son. You have to understand that if everything timid, nothing can not be successful. Well, who would dare to contradict the prime minister and Er Shi generals? Yes, there is a person must be removed, is that Shen Wu Shu Zi, the last shot your uncle’s hatred has not reported yet.

ah, Shen Wu and Arafat was not reconciled yet? River Road donated by surprise last baby wedding, he also came to congratulate, I see this person let Gong Jian, is a talent, why is persecuting him. As for his uncle’s death, I am afraid baby bluntly, it is deserved uncle, who did King join, will do that. Uncle too contempt Fa, the emperor to see Arafat’s face, only tolerated him. If Arafat pet future decline, even though his uncle die, they will certainly hurt us genocide.

You know what? Jiang Chong Road, even if your uncle guilty, but also vain he came round tube. The last time he suddenly come to congratulate, I have always felt weird that you refrain small saw this person, I always feel where he’s wrong. Then I finally figured out that this person’s scheming and vicious only stronger than me, not weaker than me, as long as God gives him a chance. You when he was a vegetarian? HE Zhao Qi Ye Ting so that original and that he is a gang, and he later may have hidden resentment, he turned to each other regardless of the stakes, I would encourage him to death. I once sent his belongings Menli mingled recently received secret report, his wife’s death may be related to Qi and Zhao Ho. However, to figure it out, I’m the direct killed his wife. For the woman, he did not even Zhao Qi He left off, how can I let go on. Well, but this Shuzi life poor, there is no ability to fight me, I naturally want to seize the opportunity, absolutely can not tolerate him. Moreover, his father was Guangling, his heart naturally anxious crowned Guangling. In short order regardless of public or private, that person must die.

donate the silent river, deep sigh and said, Arafat, I really do not understand why we have to the bitter end. Things are for the emperor, mutual little gas bad?

Jiang Chong snorted, it is because you have not tasted the sufferings of exile. When I took you flee, you still young, and perhaps thought it was strike traveled the mountains, where Arafat always get what you have experience breakage horror.


XXIII Post Station Prince anger hair cut soldiers rape policy


infants Qi Yi arrived years, I saw a long relay dismayed. He hurried into the face pavilion homes in the scene, stunned. Kei Kuo Po Hu sat’re worried. On the ground in front of him, lay four bodies. A Look attire, and water balance Commandery Weicheng Station House sent Xiaoli same. Corpses were lying on the ground and shapes, a fall, a Duanji inserted back. Two on his back, neck and parts are all bloody, apparently died by the sword broken throat. There is a whole shoulder is removed, the body quivering, seems to have given up the ghost, under the body full of blood. The back of the killer’s body is obviously trying to escape, was Duanji throw in death. Cup messy house, who was eating probably because of something protruding dispute, a fight occurred. Qi can not help infants and frowned. Kuo Po Hu saw him, as if he saw a savior, what a bullet up, infant Qijun, I Helpless kill them, you help me.

infant Qi Road, alas, you are running out of patience so one reason or another, it is a bad event Fu Jun’s.

Kuo Po Hu Tao, these messengers really crafty, he just do not drink, but runs out of rice that is, to get up and continue on their way, the moment I shortness of breath, tried to stop them. Finally, it becomes so. Long also chimed around

Station Road, it is true, we besought them drinking, they were very suspect, immediately wants to go. Guo Jun stopped him, one of them wanted to chop his sword Guo Jun, Guo Jun had no alternative but to cross halberd counterattack. See Kuo Po Hu Qi

infants who have several road injuries, could not bear to talk to him. Moreover, Jiang Chong once sent four messengers, nature is quite ready. Change themselves, and indeed no way. Thus comforted, being the case, let us not Guannameduo. Fortunately, you can force extraordinary courage, otherwise, not only to let them run, we still can not get away. Busy first down to business, clerical it?

Kuo Po Hu suddenly said, just one o’clock depressed, did not have time to see. At that person’s waist. He pointed to the still slightly creepy people.

infants Qi jump over, gave Xuexing Qi, turning his body, from his waist seized from black nematocysts. The man’s voice between the throat issued a drink, but could not speak, just out of one’s mouth Xuepao. Infants Qi sighed, I can help you look strike. Then pull out the sword, will plop his head Zhanxia. All these dark and so quietly buried the bodies, he commanded the station long road.

that long Wei-Wei Yi repeatedly. Infants and Sarkozy just open Lute, the above paste filled with blood. Written on the inside of the wooden slips a few lines, roughly almost Weicheng Station:

minister two years filled with signs and October YiMao rate Zhijinwu Juji insanity dig too uterus, consuming three days, at the southwest corner of the house Meiko Palace Quefei dig Paulownia people 三枚 between their chest and abdomen respectively Majesty the book, Zhao Jie Yu and Wong minority carrier taboo. After Hu witch inquest, indeed OK Witchcraft technique used. Paulownia person may Qian half Chixu, movable joints, thanks to send from the bench as Louis Vuitton Outlet a real person, the way to prevent Bereavements, Kazuto sent messengers to send digital Yi. Related to the Prince, the minister dare not exclusively, the minister who dared to ask His Majesty emissary temporary prison, given under Charms, Chen was sent to serve nearly Sansuke County soldiers, knights Northern Army, in conjunction Zhijinwu Juji Chi Wai too uterus, poor governance treacherous. I wonder if this is Prince’s pro-yeah, I wish the Prince’s servant privately curse, but I do not know, Prince letter also? Please Lim obtaining situation like Robinson,Louis Vuitton Outlet played on.

infant Qi Road, as expected, Jiang Chong really framed this traitor Prince. He stood up, plucking on other bodies have each found a black nematocysts, which were a Tong puppets. Seal between the chest and abdomen have really small print, were written: Liu Che, Zhao Jieyu, Liu Fuling. One person even slightly larger backs also wrote a few lines of small print: I would like to tell the crown prince, according to Han

underground Erqian, Chang Liu Che, etc. Third Life few people will do, today sent the book to the grave with the king having played Tarzan.

infants Qi inhaled air, tan Jiang Chong’s vicious. Cheng Yu and verbal accusations like this is extremely disrespectful words, any benevolent monarch watched will be furious, so without hesitation ordered the closing lines. He will be loaded into the instrument doll nematocysts, hidden under his waist, I thought, things are now, then why are we hiding. So terrible Jianmou, even if I would have found them drunk will not help them kill. This instrument must not be allowed to see the emperor. Now simply lamb, sent this original Prince, so that he died of heart luck. If he still continued when broken, it is really beyond redemption.

Guo broke his nonsense, we quickly go immediately back to Chang’an. Here’s something to relay long handle, do not go wrong.

Long Road Station, adults worry, some will not. Infants Qi Road, please. Jian destroy the traitor, must give you additional rank. Two people hurried out of the light carriage driving car, rushed Chi Road, Chang’an direction towards speeding away.


Xiaowu terribly upset at the moment. In the palace anxiously waiting for news, he has not been idle during this period, he put as climate, pipes and other intellectual men are all brought together and told them the river conspiracy charge. Firstly contain themselves as candidates, angrily, Jiang Chong this Gouzei really insane, Prince 温良俭 make, Hui celebrities in the world, if the river filled mutilation, is Han’s great misfortune. I do not know Fu Jun news is not certainty?

temporary or speculation, Xiaowu Road, though not unfounded speculation. But I have sent two infants Sarkozy and Po Hu inn waiting to try to intercept the river filled the messenger. Still no news. However, as far as I expected, the crown prince should be ominous. Qi and other infant back, gentlemen, when I know not empty words.

hesitated as climate, we have always believed that Fu Jun’s ability to break things. I question, however Xia Li, Fu Jun told us about it, is what the intention of it?

Xiao Wu laughed, I know that you are a human prince’s delight. Although I do not have personal relationships and the crown prince, but also know that the Queen for my dissatisfaction. I do not what ethical person, but Jiang filling this traitor and grudges against me, even if he hacked mess, we can not eliminate hate. Prince dwellers respect, it is for justice; and I was for personal enmity. Of course, if you can help a little bit so the righteous, that is happy to see.

pipe Chi Road, Fu Jun said, so I waited ashamed landless. Fu Jun kindness to me, and so have, Jiang Chong Fu Jun depriving the body into the prison, and I holed up in the room and so can not be some benefit to Fu Jun, eventually leading to the main murdered Weng. Every thought, the apologetic ecstatic, if this addition will help Fu Jun Yuan evil large fierce, even through fire and water, it will not refuse the.

pipe Jun said that we are affected by Fu Jun grace, serve as early thinking so, just get the chance. If this can Gongsijiangu eradicate river filling, such as day and night, that is really my heart the hope of teeth pat. If candidates agreed.

Xiaowu Road, there are dwellers of these words, the better. I know that there is a high prestige as generals in the northern army, I do not know whether there is a way to contact the North Army’s Old-steps to help the Prince? Now with Prince troops, certainly enough charge to punish a river, but in case of incidents expand, causing the wrath of the emperor, the non-assisted death can not succeed positive.

such as climate road, I shoot the sound of their former Captain, Captain ands long water. Quite some old steps, if Fu Jun feel the need, I can sneak into the palace declared song, straightening system to launch long water Huji twenty thousand Yuzhong, plus the sound of the Captain of the timber official shot kick twenty thousand chariots Zhang Yuzhong, Even the river was filled Sansuke have sent nearly Charms County soldiers, we are not afraid.

Xiaowu Road, ah, long water Hu Ji Hun soldier surrendered, good riding and shooting. Sound Captain of the timber official shot kick Zhang everybody speak more than five stone Crossbow, with them, the Prince must unharmed. Infants Qi good fake seals, so he came back, he forged the character section and let the emperor Seals. But the generals must be careful, do not Leak, can not say you’re from King join the government, so Jiang Chong suspicious. Well, I Menli turned out to be spies sent by Jiang Chong, also when I do not know yet.

such as climate Road, Fu Jun assured that it will not hurt Fu Jun is dead. Things successfully, Fu Jun of credit hell. In case of failure, others will not know Fu Jun secretly help the Prince.

listen as candidates say, Xiao Wu was a little ashamed, but switched to another thought, this is nothing, why should I, Prince Wang Song for their own lives. He remembered when the Koryo country, and covers public consultation Takafumi Emperor Zhao Handan city snake temple pitted two things, could not help but upset, I’m not very much believe Calamity person, but some things would rather believe it is not suspicious its no. Prince seems to fail is in heaven, he is destined to receive the poison that Zhao traitor. That traitor really never go unpunished so what? If this is God, and that God really blind …… Did I not always guarantee hatred it? I know this is the last chance to get rid of if the river filled the Prince, the forces it is no small matter that he may no longer have the opportunity in this life a …… Lido, Lido, dark cried his heart, if not kill him , then I went and your companion strike; But if you really can not kill him, how can I have a face to go underground to see you? Think of it, a sense of sadness and self-pity mood all of a sudden my heart, tears in her eyes, desire welling. He quickly looked down to hide his embarrassment. He does not understand why Korea has such a deep love he felt for her to die is happy. She remembered what Statecraft ideal, all seen as absurd and ridiculous it.

Tan then filling the country hurriedly came and whispered, Fu Jun, a young woman outside door visits, saying that the important thing to personally handed Fu Jun. I complied with the instructions Fu Jun, took her to the very room to wait.

Xiaowu Oh sigh, as much matter. He drew himself up, waiting for others such as that of you Please wait a moment, I’ll be right back. He stood up, and sandalwood filling the country went out.

very chamber is the chamber, the chamber board lifted above the floor can rise on a Que, Que floor windows are surrounded by a chain, as well as perforation, condescending, you can easily see all around the movement, but because it hanging home side, definitely not someone close look into the depths. Great room also has a large number of accumulated fly horsefly vector, about thousands of branches, rhubarb’s Crossbow shoulder-fired dozens, dozens of sword killer handle, can be equipped with more than ten soldiers. The place is actually a temporary strain, palace and a little better, and the first big official border posts and other places of the Han Dynasty, Tsuzuki such emergency room. Xiao Wu went in and saw a woman of about twenty or so back and forth. See Xiaowu, she hastily exclaimed Mr. Shen, sudden death of me.

Xiao Wu looked at this woman some familiar, dazed road, you know me? Mr.

Shen really wits have short memories, and that woman said, even the folks are forgotten. Her accent suddenly changed, and uttered an authentic Yu Zhang County dialect.

Xiaowu was shocked, Hei Road, I remember. You …… you are Jin Yi Jun maid? Under his pleasure, answered with a dialect. He recalled that the lady was maid in nurturing Jin Yu Zhang County, probably because dictating was quite handy, specially brought Chang came. Perfectionist

The woman laughed, it seems, Mr. Shen officer is not too big when.

Xiaowu Road, when the official was bigger, still happy to see fellow. He hesitated slightly, how, how can a single step suddenly deign to visit?

The woman pulled out a nematocysts from behind, whispered dialect Road, which is let me bring Yap Kwan, she asked me to be sure to personally into the hands of Mr..

Xiao Wu took the nematocysts, took out a square of Sibo quartet built from the inside, expand to have a look, his face could not help Ningzhu, wrote the above is:

water balance Commandery Kofu, Shen Jun concubine nurturing Zaibai first step to ask: who are anxious Witchcraft things, Chang’an converting Sansuke stability, willing the first step Shenxiu Rong Zhi, lest Men Do not Cry framed. Honestly. House to book Congjiang, Shen Jun as you know, not too much to say with a concubine.

Xiaowu mind a turn, immediately understood, the heart can not help but be feeling. Louis Vuitton Outlet This woman is really good heart that he ever had the slightest gratitude to her, when she refused to marry him, she did not therefore hate. This letter stated before earnest